Lovely Painting Stripes On Wall

A lot of people get bored with their wall appearance. They want something new to make it more appealing. There are plenty of wallpaper designs you can pick. Do you ever think about applying painting stripes on your wall? It sounds great, does it? You know, it will make your room looks more expansive.

Painting Stripes On Wall

These following paint stripes’ ideas will open your mind to create something new on the wall. You can make horizontal stripes, vertical stripes, zig-zags, diagonal stripes, grid, plaid or you can design your stripes combination. So, let’s take a look and try this! 

You sometimes are confused about deciding which paint stripes you will pick. So here are some suggestion will inspire you. First, you may have vertical stripes on your wall. Vertical stripes are the most common on the wall. When you bring these stripes it will make your wall larger. Moreover, some of you prefer horizontal stripes. It will make your room looks expansive.

Not only those stripes that most people pick, but you can also have zig-zags, diagonal, grids or plaid stripes. Grid designs can look like squares and rectangles or like diamonds when done in a diagonal direction. While, if you select plaid, it is a combination of criss-cross. For zig-zags, it connects two colors symmetrical. Or, even you would like to combine your painting stripes.

Don’t forget choosing the wall stripes colors. It is very important to select colors. The first step is to choose wall stripes in shades in the same colors. Then, you should use light too. The exact color combinations are elegant. Those are some more creative stripe painting ideas to inspire you. Good luck!



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