Casual Black and White Tile Bathroom Decor Will Inspire You

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of the house. This place ought to be comfortable. Designing this place can both confusing and interesting. You should be careful about picking furniture for your bathroom. For choosing bathroom tiles you need to take a look at which tiles that best for your bathroom. Nowadays, black and white tile is a timeless combination that works in just about any bathroom. You should consider the accent tiles, the floor tiles and also tile size with the room size. Here, we offer some ideas of black and white tile for your bathroom.

1. Handcraft Tile

A new look for your bathroom. This beautiful bathroom features handcraft tiles is so appealing. The collection features a variety of motifs varying from geometrical to botanical. The combination of black and white colors will make your bathroom looks elegant.

2. Simple Yet Timeless

Indeed, black and white is timeless. Using this color in your room will not regret you. This black and white tile does casual patterns of white and black dots with a marble-like veining. It reduces the contrast and makes the look a few more flexible.

3. Sleek Black and White Tile

Looking smooth and attractive. This tile can improve your bathroom appearance. Adding a bathtub which has the same color as the tile is not bad. It makes suitable between the furniture and the tiles.

4. Black and White Combination Tiles and Floor

Making your floor the same as the tile is not possible. If you don’t have many choices this idea can inspire you. This tile is great for flooring or an accent wall. Adding some furniture that uses metallic accents is also possible. Keep in mind you need to install the furniture that easy to clean and sleek.

5. Moroccan Tile

We are always adding new designs for Moroccan tiles. This is natural beauty tiles are unique and exclusive. Invite this Moroccan tile in your bathroom. The combination of geometric designs, decorative designs, and efflorescent motifs perfect for making a wall or floor area to life.

6. Elegant Black and White Tile

If you are looking for a new look to your bathroom, you can apply this tile. Black and white are perfect together. Black and white also works well in a functional space. From this picture, you can see the tile pattern is so elegant for your bathroom. While the floor tile is using black and white, you may paint the wall with a dark color, like black.

7. Using Flowers Tile

You will say “wow, this is fantastic” for picking this tile. This flower tile will beautify your bathroom for sure. This is simple yet trendy. By adding a hanging lamp also makes your bathroom looks more comely.

8. Cool Black and White Bathroom Tile

This black and white tile is cool. You can apply the dark color on your floor while picking the white for the walls. You don’t need to cover the wall full of tile. You may apply half of them only and the left one you may paint with the bright color, like white. So, both floor and walls are matching.

9. Dramatic Tile

It’s hard to miss this tile. Black and white are calm, elegant and glamorous. So, don’t be any regret to pick this tile. The floor filled with black tile and for the furniture, you may have the same color. You will feel both relaxing and clean, so that’s why black and white is an appealing palette for this space.

So, have you decided on your choices? From those ideas, you may think which tile that fits with your taste. If you have your own choices or ideas you could share here. In designing your bathroom don’t be confused. There are so many ideas you can take. You can use one tile all over, or mix and match the patterns for something beautiful. The black and white patterns make your bathroom more suitable for enthusiasts of modern design.



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