10 Fascinating Sculpted Hedges You May Try

Build a sculpted hedge is getting popular now. Moreover, it’s very amusing for who likes gardening. Sculpted hedges were invented by the Roman emperor Augustus thousands of years ago. Due to its popularity, many people often create this in their garden to appeal to it. This means also known as topiary.

So, what plant is usually used for topiary? For sure, there are many plants you can use, like evergreen shrubs and trees that have dense. They include several species of boxwood, thuja, holly, and myrtle. Making beautiful sculptures need artistic skill in pruning hedged into the form of animal, plants, shape, object or people. Let’s jump!

1. Fence Garden Hedge

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Many people prefer to grow hedges to installing wooden or wire fences because the hedges blend into the fauna around them. Hedge fences are lines of plants or small trees that go away the edge of a yard or garden.

2. Creative Hedge

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Think creative! If you’re bored in the form of your topiary, you can start to turn into another form. Pruning the topiary like in your mind. You may install kind of object, people or shape as well.

3. France Sculpted Hedge

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You meet such an amazing garden with a stunning pattern and shapes. If you stare at form from above, you will see how beautiful it is, where the sculpted shrubs resemble the backs of sheep that are grazing.

4. Floral Sculpted Hedge

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Hedges should not be boring. You can change the hedges gradually. If you’re looking for something less common you can have this one. It will inspire you for sure. The flowers can be one type from white through every shade of pink to deep red. Or you may combine from many flowers.

5. Box Hedge

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Start shaping hedges when the plants are still small. Young hedges may need shearing after each new bloom of growth to support branching. For the best result of this hedges sculptural, plant many and keep them all trimmed into globes.

6. Privacy Fence Line Hedge

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Decide how high you want to build a fence line hedge. The next step is considering how much space you will use. After that, select what kind of plants you need. The most common tall tree hedges used are American Arborvitae, Green Giant Arborvitae. Remember, since you have picked out the plants you should map out the location of your plants.

7. Simple Hedge

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Who says create a hedge should be straight? Creating intricate hedges is possible. You can create it in many forms. It is a great concept if you like having some fun with space and want to do something different.

8. Boxwood Hedges

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It is a cute way to add some decorative accents to your hedges. The rounded hedges are typically good choices. What’s perfect when you can decorative your rounded hedges with some lights or other decorative stuff. Due to type is easy to shape and prune, you can apply from now.

9. Beautiful Form Hedges

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Such fascinating sculpted hedges. It’s a good idea for creating this shape. You can turn the plants into some forms. As we see from this picture, besides, the shape is appealing you may combine the plants too. So, it will look colorful and comely. It’s a simple way to get pleasant.

10. Make Your Own Way

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Creating hedges in some form sculpted is possible. You can mix and match the form you like. You may also add footpath made by stone to make your garden goes more closely with nature.

It should be confused in deciding this ideas. Whether you have a large space outdoor or only a small space it’s no problem. You can use this concept that suitable for space. So, which ideas you like? Are they inspiring you to create such amazing sculpted hedges? Take one or some concept you adore the most and you can share with us! We’d love to look forward to hear from you soon!




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