10 Perfect Interior Brick Wall Paint Design Ideas

Well, let’s tell about how to get a fresh look at our house! First, don’t think too much in deciding what kind of design that simple but attractive to your house. I’m sure this will rock you. Installing a brick wall is a perfect solution. Using brick wall paint is quite challenging since you need an amount of preparation. Here is some brick wall paint design that helps you to gain a new look to your house!

1. Comfy Brick Wall

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Getting tired after work and want to get rest for a while? A comfy place with appealing design could be your solution. The brick wall which looks nature and breathable can reduce the amount of stress. Even though the use of brick walls sometimes sounds old yet by painting the brick color won’t make it ‘ancient’. On the opposite, you will get a new fresh look.

2.  Brick Wall Paint in Retro Style

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Retro style brings you to an old era, it’s about the 1920s until the 1960s. It’s been very popular until now. Picking this retro style into your wall, there is some material. Due to retro style means ‘take me back’ a brick wall paint can be your choice. Both retro and brick wall is related to each other. But, you don’t have to paint the brick in a colorful theme. Just pick one of the most colors you need.

3. Casual White Brick Wall

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As we know, if you choose white color to your house it’s an incredible idea. Since white tells your guests that you are simple, clean and organized. This white brick wall is simple to be applied. This concept is simply, beautiful and timeless decor.

4. Brick Wall in Rustic Kitchen

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Painted brick walls have the natural ability of making spaces look and feel welcoming and cozy, especially for this kitchen area. Combining a rustic kitchen with dark brick wall will give you something different yet gorgeous.

5. Colorful Brick Design

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Colorful is interesting. You can include some color combinations to add appealing looks in the brick wall. Installing bright colors, like yellow, green, pink, or blue seems to be joyful. It is not monotonous and your children will like it. You may also put a colorful rug.

6. Adorable Kids Brick Wall

Source: pauletpaula.com

This painted brick wall can be used for boys’ rooms due to the colors seem cool and manly. Most people think that trendy exposed brick walls are not for kids’ rooms but they are wrong. They look great there!

7. Painted Brick Wall In Living Room

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It’s possible to install brick walls in any room, particularly the living room. Painting the brick wall with a modest and simple colors like white. Usually, the brick wall used in the fireplace, home interior or fire pit.

8. Beautiful Brick Wall With Pattern

Source: decoratoo.com

Build a brick wall in such a beautiful pattern? It sounds crazy! Let me show you whether brick wall in painted build in pattern will look good or not. You can try this idea. This can be used for any house.

9. Industrial Home Design With Brick Wall Paint

Source: architizer.com

Looking for any kind of industrial interior? Get an industrial style home by using painted brick walls. Atmosphere of industrial gives the space cozy look to any interior. It doesn’t matter for you to apply this painted brick wall in bedroom, living room or the other rooms. It depends on your desire.

10. Real Faux Brick

Source: tr.pinterest.com

If you like using a brick wall but don’t want to get busy and make some trouble by applying a brick wall, this idea may help you. More and more homeowners are discovering an easy-to-use option that invokes the natural beauty and appeal of brick. It just looks like the real brick wall paint.



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