10 Simple and Appealing Microwave Storage Solutions

How to put your microwave neatly? Take the microwave and place it low, high or out of sight that can be reached easily. Though many storages can you take yet you need to know the right one that you need. It must be suitable for your kitchen. Here are some pictures you can figure out the kitchen configuration that fits you!

1. DIY Double-Desk Storage

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This storage is too simple and can do double-desk. Besides placing the microwave you also can put some kitchen appliances. Your microwave is easy to reach and can be put in any place in your kitchen. Customizing the height so you can get the best reachability from this storage.

2. On the Cabinetry

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Placing your microwave that integrated with the cabinetry. Put the microwave where you can reach. Don’t place it too far from a counter, because it will be danger.

3. Over the Oven

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A microwave sometimes needs to be put in a place that together with the other appliances. When you put the microwave over the oven it makes your kitchen purposely designed.

4. Exposed Cabinet

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Putting the microwave in the exposed cabinetry is a perfect idea when you nee your kitchen looks neat and tidy. It keeps the appliances hidden at counter height which easy to reach. Furthermore, you could choose the cabinet that matches the kitchen interior.

5. In Cabinet With Door

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If you don’t want to see the microwave out of sight without completely covering it up, this way can help you to keep the microwave. However, this is a beautiful storage still can be reached.

6. On Piece Of Furniture

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Microwave attains come in different sizes and arrangements. If you have a space more for your furniture is perfect. You could put the microwave on it. Then, you can locate the microwave stands anywhere you have space.

7. Hidden Wall Mount

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Where do you hide your microwave? Hide the microwave inside the wall mount. Placed at exactly the right height. Microwave wall mounts come in a variety of materials. The most popular is stainless steel. Sometimes, the designers also mix and match with the wood.

8. Elegant Storage

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If you’re like elegant, glamorous and clean this storage can be the solution. Most people pick this one due to the simplicity and cleanness its appearance. It easy to access and doesn’t interfere with your kitchen’s flow.

9. On The Countertops

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The countertop is the most common spot to see a microwave in any design kitchen. A countertop microwave stays in the natural flow of the kitchen and often remains in a reasonable reach when you’re knee-deep in cooking and baking. If you have a great space on the countertops, you can place the microwave there.

10. Stainless Steel Microwave Shelf

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A stainless steel microwave shelf is an excellent storage option for your kitchen appliances. This stainless steel shelf is easy to clean and wipe down any spilled liquids. This shelf is also good not only for the microwave but also for other appliances. You can put it on the countertops.

Those are some ideas for microwave storage for you! Looking for this storage is not as hard as you wonder. If you don’t have a large space you can take some of the ideas that possible you may follow. Commonly, most people put the microwave under the countertops, but from ideas above you can place your microwave in any storage.



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