13 Top Clever and Strategic Home Office in Small Space Design Ideas

Having a small space in your home or apartment you live in will not stop you to create a home office. You wonder only in the extra space you can have a home office, don’t you? It’s not true. How to create a home office in small spaces? Don’t be overthinking. Make a little creativity to design a home office in your small spaces and build the best one! Surprisingly, these ideas will inspire you to whip up an amazing stylish home office in small spaces.

1. Floating Desk

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A floating desk is easy to apply and very suitable in your small spaces. This desk completed with storage drawer so it will be more efficient and useful for you. It keeps the home space from feeling rude and intrusive.

2. Modern Home Office Style

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People who cherish with modern style is always looking for simplicity and purpose. This concept will be a great choice for you who need a simple design. Most of the modern designs don’t need any decoration and it refers to the modern art movement on the interior of home.

3. Tiny Office

Source: vashpovar.com

Cramped, chock-full and cluttered. Too much furniture in your home sometimes makes you want to scream “Arrgghh, what should I do for all this stuff?” When you demand to have an office in your home, this tiny office is a perfect idea. If you have a small space that already not used anymore, you may use it for your home office. By adding a floating desk and cabinetry as the storage solution for your stuff. It can do double-duty, both as the home office and a storage solution

4. White, Clean and Simple Home Office

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I bet all of you like this! Simple, minimalist and clean. Those are always related to white. The design is very fit for you who organized. Not too much in decoration and just put some photo frame and give a little natural touch with plants. Applying a parquet wooden floor that also painted in white colours make your home office looks cooler.

5.  Masculine Home Office

Source: detectview.com

Usually yet always men are a very simple person in the world. Particularly in picking stuff and designing a home. To create a home office in small spaces, they don’t worry about that. Just select the most they need and add a piece of stuff. Moreover, they should avoid colours like yellow, pink, purple and colours which has bright pigment. They may paint the wall in dark colours or installing wood vinyl.

6. Small Home Office Goes with Minimalist-Rustic

Source: pinterest.se

Home office is a place where our best ideas born! Natural wooden is always over there. If you don’t want to put lots of fabric you it’s a good concept in combining minimalist and rustic in your home office. It will be very challenging and astonishing for sure. Create your home office with an element that will show off your style. Remember it’s yours so, make it as incredible as you want.

7. Make It Simple

Source: housublime.com

It’s come out of the blue when you should build a small home office. Having a small space and too much furniture I will be cluttered. Just put some the necessary thing in your home office. You don’t have to decorate the room full of decoration too. Make it simple yet appealing.

8. Gorgeous and Elegant

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Organize the workspace you will adore by showing off your style. This elegant design can attract your home office. Adding the cabinet behind the table and put a standing lamp on your table.

9. Colorful Home Office

Source: home.spartandecor.com

Here are other choices for your small home office. Using more than one colours and it will make feel larger. You may only use two-tone paint or make it colourful.

10. The Urban Small Home Office

Source: theurbaninterior.co

Having a small space by adopting this style could be incredible. In this style, it focuses on a comfortable design. Maximizing the small spaces in a great way. The design that very relaxing and extraordinary help you to distress you’re tired when the job hasn’t finished yet.

11. Turn Your Living Room into Home Office

Source: decorits.com

Turn the living room becomes your workspace. If you still have unused space in your living room you could use as your workspace. Put a simple desk in front of the wall and make the room simple and airy.

12. Home Office in Small Apartment

Source: home.spartandecor.com

For you who live in a small apartment, don’t worry. You could use the space that unused and make it as your home office. Though only in tiny space, you still can keep your stuff by applying cabinet over the desk.

13. Give with Natural Touch

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Even though in a small space, you must be concerned about the air. Doing a job need more concentrate indeed. Get a natural touch by putting plants in your workspace. It aids to scrub the air, remove CO2 and give off oxygen.

Sometimes we need to think out of the box. When we just have an option to make something from an impossible think we must be as creative as possible. Those ideas could be solutions for you who stay in a small home or apartment, while you need a workspace. If you have another idea, you can share with us. We’re looking forward to hearing good news from you!



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