10 Best Black Marble Bathroom You Desire

A lot of people love black colours to design their home. In this article we’ll tell about black marble to your bathroom. There are much material can be used for bathroom like granite and marble. Yet, now we’d like to share ideas about back marble bathroom for you. It’s elegant, it’s glamour, it’s stunning and arresting visually. Now, it’s time for you to take a pick!

1. Walk-In Shower

Source: pinterest.fr

This black marble in the walk-in shower can optimize your bathroom looks. Installing the floor and the wall with the same material can be more efficient. Besides, to make the bathroom looks more glamour add a gold shower.

2. Get Natural Touch with Plants

Source: archello.com

In this bathroom using the black tub and paired with a black faucet. To get natural touch you could put some plants beside the tub or any place you need. Thus, it won’t be monotonous.

3. Black-on-Black

Source: pinterest.ca

All these other bathrooms work the black-and-black look. Is it boring? No, I bet some of you love this black bathroom design. The visual is glamour and you can build even in a small space.

4. Dramatic Black Marble

Source: pinterest.at

Installing black marble is a great choice. Besides the material that very great that adds a luxury’s touch. Adding a gold faucet and shower can maximize the appearance. Furthermore, to feel your bathroom larger, you could hang a large mirror.

5. Classic Bathroom

Source: tr.pinterest.com

Both floor and wall use black marble tile. You don’t have to be confused. Not all the decoration should be in black. You may add wood vinyl wall. Looking even more luxurious thanks to a touch of black.

6. Black Bathroom Goes with Shower Glass Partition

Source: ar.pinterest.com

Mixing black marble with white tile to your bathroom it works. Moreover, applying glass partition gives a luxurious look to any bathroom, particularly this bathroom design different tiles.

7. Black and White Look

Source: homeandinteriors.ru

Goes with different tile to add a bit glamour and little dramatic looks to your bathroom. The most common colours are black and white. Simple, clean, yet mysterious and elegant.

8. Tile, Tile, and Tile

Source: pinterest.cl

Love so much in black to black for the bathroom. To get a black looks on a tight budget you could use black tile, both for the floor and the wall. Thus, making a black sweet to your bathroom is easy and quite cheap. While, for the bathtub, you can opt a white tub to make a bit contrast with the floor and the wall. So, for you to add a bit white touch you may have this one!

9. Mystery and Black

Source: ww17.delino.co.uk

Black is related to power, mystery, strength, and elegance. Having a black bathroom features with black marble tile and black cabinet under the sink.

10. Ergonomic Black Bathroom

Source: homify.pl

The last but not least, this is a black bathroom may inspire you too. Mixing the floor and wall by using the same black marble tile can be more efficient and you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Furthermore, you may apply a curtain which allows sunlight to go inside the room, so you can saving the electricity.

Is it easy right? Hoping these concept will help you to renew an create a black bathroom. Good luck!



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