12 Straightforward Custom Desk Plans Design Ideas

Looking for a beautiful desk that easy to move and useful. This desk plan will help you build a beautiful and large desk that would look great anywhere you work. Sometimes, it’s not easy to get what you need. But, these concept may help you t gain your need. You should know what you really need. So, don’t waste time and please take a look!

1. Vintage Desk Plans

Source: artmyideas.com

This desk made from wood and iron that easy to clean and also sturdy. The advantages of this desk is you can put some stuff too. The looks may be old but you will be surprised that this desk very functional. Install some vintage things and also standing lamp beside the desk.

2. Floating Desk

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Floating desk in a small space is a perfect choice. You don’t need a large space to install this desk. The design is comfortable and will not make your room feel cluttered.

3. Wood Desk

Source: good-inside.com

If you are looking for a unique desk from wooden material, this can be a perfect idea. The design is so simple yet elegant, and it includes storage that help you to keep your things.

4. Industrial Desk

Source: interiordecoratingcolors.com

Here’s another desk for you who adore the industrial style. Using used material that you can make by yourself and design it as you desire. Adding some floating rack over the desk maybe solution if you don’t have a large space to put your things. Simple and can do double-duty.

5. Desk for Small Space

Source: pinterest.ru

There are many choices for you to opt for desk plans. Due to the size of your room, so you can’t opt the big one. This desk is fit for you who only have a small space. You can place it in an unused place. It’s also easy to be moved.

6. Double-Duty Desk

Source: tigerfeng.com

If you are looking for a desk that can do more than one duty, this desk you should adopt. It can be a wardrobe and be a desk for you. Furthermore, if you open the desk some spaces is available to keep things.

7. Computer Snail Desk

Source: archidea.com.ua

Hunting for a computer desk sometimes make you crazy. Even, it’s so difficult to find it. This desk is for you. You can customize and design as you need. The design is unique too.

8. Out of The Box

Source: suanusblog.com

Have you ever thought to have this desk? Try to think out of the box. Make a desk that a little different and unique. The design is a bit unusual indeed, but you will love it due to its durability and simplicity. Then, if you wonder how to make a stylish desk, this’s the answer.

9. The Brown Modern Desk Plans

Source: pinterest.com.au

This modern desk will be wonderful in any room. It has an open base cabinet where you can store paper, stuff, files. What’s great about this wooden desk. Make sure that you create it at a height suitable for you.

10. Sitting Desk with free Standing Lamp

Source: tr.pinterest.com

Adopting the sitting desk for your workplace and get the benefits. You can build it yourself, decide the height and also the material will be used. When you use it, it lets your feet rest flat on the floor comfortably.

11. Standing Desk and Its Benefit

Source: shanto.me

Sitting in your desk all day long is not good for your health. You can change your old desk with this standing desk. Some researchers say that standing can burn more calories than sitting. So, it will help you to get health benefits.

12. Multifunction Desk

Source: myimages.xyz

This is very great to have this desk. It provides you with tons of storage and you can even use it for any purpose. Even, you can plug-in your gadget and keep your stuff in the desk.

It’s time to consider your choice. Does it help you? We hope it’ll help and inspire you! Best of luck!



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