14 Villa Interior Design Beachy Vibe

Living by a sea or just in the dream? Sound good and interesting. Yet, you don’t have to stay by the sea to get the atmosphere. Build a villa that shows as you live by the sea. Giving so much beachy vibes is easy and interesting. Here are some suggestion you that inspire you!

1. Blue Ocean for Living Room

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Opting some furniture that brings you into coastal vibes almost have blue colours. Yet, in creating a living room in beachy vibes you don’t have to pick blue colours for all the furniture. Just take some, for example, the blue rug which is same as the ocean.

2. Include Rattan

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You can add rattan chair, table, or basket into your coastal villa. Why should be rattan? Rattan is durable, bendable, durable, and transforms CO2 into the clean, fresh air and strong. If you don’t want to change your furniture for a long time, you could have rattan as your furniture.

3. Aqua and Blue

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Not all coastal home decor include blue colours. Another choice is applying aqua to your home. Whether for your furniture, wall, or even the floor.

4. Painted Wood Kitchen Decor

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Enjoying the sea when having your breakfast or having lunch sounds intriguing. Create your kitchen in a natural look. Use painted wood for the chairs and maybe for the table too. Choose a blue colour that associated with the ocean will make it more appealing and shows a beachy vibe.

5. Blue on White

Source: illicitlistening.com

I love blue and white so much. In designing your favourite place in your home pick the favourite colours you love the most. Besides giving the ocean looks white and blue for coastal design can freshen up your home. will freshen the room.

6.  Beachy Bedding

Source: hapasc.org

Waking up and staring at the ocean will distress you. Place your bedroom near the sea, then add floral curtains and use the openable door, so you can see the sea even in the room.

7. Seascape Decoration

Source: pinterest.ru

Wave pattern lamp, white bed cover, a blue life vest have been a long-time favourite subject for coastal home decor. Opting seascapes is not hard as long as you know which things improve a beachy looks to your home.

8. Breezy Blue Kitchen

Source: pinterest.nz

Painting the kitchen with blue colours and installing kitchen appliances in the same colours that also mix with white colours.

9. Wooden Bathroom

Source: lipodeco.info

Having wood sink and bathtub in your coastal home to cover the white sink and bathtub like this.

10. Floral Tile

Source: pinterest.ie

Using floral tile to your bathroom and mixing with blue wall. Besides, installing shower glass partition and marble tile for the sink.

11. Chaise Lounge

Source: ww60.maydoll.co.uk

Enjoying the seascape always liberating. Put Chaise lounge in your favourite space and enjoy your day!

12. Fire Pit

Source: pinterest.com.au

Waiting for sunset with your family, relative, or friends on the porch. It’s a perfect idea of putting firepit among the bench. While waiting for sunset around the fire pit, you can play card game, share a story with friends and family.

13. Rustic

Source: artplanat.com

To make your home roomier you can install used things like wooden furniture and used it as the table for a beach home feel.

14. Accessories

Source: pinterest.co.uk

For more a beach home feel, install blue rug for the bedroom, living room and put other colours that still relate to beach vibes. Using wooden bed frame, parquet wooden floor and another decorations.

Is it easy right? Get ready to create your coastal villa you dream of. Share your experience with us!



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