12 Amazing Home Made Standing Desk Reclaimed Wood

Being confused now that everything is expensive. Nowadays, people should know how to get a good thing even on  inexpensive cost. Be creative! You don’t have to buy something you need, sometimes you could get it by making it by yourself. Using the used things, then recycle or renew it. In this case, we’re going to share about home made standing desk reclaimed wood that relatively cheap. So, don’t take a long time and let’s jump!

1. Plywood Standing Desk

Source: pinterest.com.au

How about put on your standing desk on the table? It will safe floor space and also easy to move every where you need. This DIY standing desk made from plywood that resistance to creep and also pipe.

2. L-Shaped DIY Standing Desk

Source: 5.pinnar.online

If you are searching for L-Shaped standing desk, this desk could be yours. Adopting rustic design and providing huge writing space for you.

3. Straightforward yet Useful

Source: pinterest.dk

Simple, chic and gorgeous. It may be very common for you to this desk, whether in the form, size and looks. But, you should know it can be very helpful. Besides as a workplace, you can use in another use, for example as the dining table and another need.

4. Etsy Standing Desk

Source: etsy.com

This Etsy design desk is very popular. It is from reclaimed timber that can emphasize all the associated of its past life.

5. Ancient Standing Desk

Source: duodu.lt

Recycling industrial fabric to make a standing desk. The looks may be old, yet it provides enclosed storage and also opened storage.

6. Pipe and Wood

Source: standardw.demo.brushd.com

Using wasted pipe in your home for making this standing desk. You can provide the appearance with paint. For you who have a lot of stuff, you can add several racks over the desk and also enclosed storage.

7. Different Pattern to Distinguish

Source: duodu.lt

Indeed, people have many needs, when you look for a standing desk with lots of advantages, you might take this one! Both the left side and the right side provide you storage. To create such an good desk, you can use some plywood pattern. Designing in a different pattern can help you to distinguish things you keep.

8. DIY Standing Desk

Source: theindianluxuryexpo.com

Another way to make a home made standing desk is using used pipe, mirror and an unused old desk. It will not break your bank and it gives you much of advantages as well.

9. Vintage Desk

Source: www.pinterest.ca

Do you need a computer desk for a small space? This vintage desk is the solution. It’s easy to make, it’s easy to clean, it’s for you! Like I told before, using an unused pipe to create the standing desk and give it a vintage feel by applying kind of vintage stuff on the rack.

10. Half-Foot Desk

Source: voicesofwitness.org

Make it awesome, simple and unique. Designing your desk with half-foot only. It sounds impossible, right? But, you must try this. It is suitable for you who has small spaces too.

11. Giving You Tons of Storage

Source: behance.net

This standing desk gives you tons of storage. Placing it in the living room to turn your living room’s looks. Not only having multifunction, this desk also

12. Mirrored Desk

Source: simplifiedbuilding.co.uk

Explore your imagination and creativity. It’s very usual using mirror for designing desk. This mirrored desk can brighten up your workspace with the touch of glam.

Change your seating desk into standing desk. You need to take a breath about thirty minutes for your health. Do you know, when you standing it will burn more calories than seating. It should be a great suggestion for you all if you still consider to opt this desk. Today, many people already have had this standing desk at their home. Even, some standing desk can be brought every where the go. That’s why, it’ll be a good idea for having this desk! Luckily, you  can crate it by yourself. Good Luck!



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