14 Eye-Catching Industrial Modern House Interior Design

What style you would pick to design your home? So many choices, right? How about an industrial modern house? This industrial modern design is an attractive chance for you. It gives you to place the sleek and modern toward vintage and classic feel. This pictures may give you inspiration, so, let’s take a look!

1. Living Room

Source: javgohome.com

Living in such amazing house with fantastic interior design is everyone’s dream. Put what you like and need in every space in your house. This living room guides you to take advantages in every space in your house. Installing green sofa that brings harmony, freshness, and represent good luck. If you have a ton of book, but don’t have enough space, you might use an unused wall beneath the rooftop. Add ladder to ease you reach the books.

2. Exposed Industrial Furnishing

Source: decoredo.com

For you who like unique furniture, use an industrial sofa for your living room. Besides, to attract your guest, the table also can be as unique as you imagine. Change the foot with unused wheels for your table.

3. Kitchen Decor with

Source: decoor.net

This place is one of the most important place for all of us. Get a dramatic feel to your house with modern and classical architecture.

4. White Marble for Your Kitchen

Source: theresident.co.uk

Simple, clean, and organized is white. Add white colours in your kitchen and associated with black interior design. Using marble will be cheaper for your countertops. It’s easy to clean and wipe up milk you spilt or liquid. To catch up the industrial feel install mechanical elements too.

5. Bared Wood and Metal

Source: pinterest.ru

Among industrial style houses, natural wood and metal is a very attractive industrial modern interior design trend. By selecting a high-sheen steel in the kitchen and for light installation is to elongate the appearance of metal.

6. Earthy Colours

Source: jihanshanum.com

Warm, neutral colours are generally favoured for industrial style homes, that are large and open. Shades of natural work very well to an industrial-looking sink.

7. Bedroom

Source: pinterest.co.uk

To give a distressed appearance give home decor industrial style because it stands out as an eye-catching attribute that is a dialogue piece into your bedroom.

8. Exposed Brick Wall, Vintage Rack and Modern Industrial Interior

Source: pinterest.co.uk

Since brick wall gives an industrial vibe. Realizing about the industrial modern home design well. Most of the interior stock metal-finish or distressed vintage rack and pendant lamps that are amazing for such rooms in an industrial modern interior design.

9. Metal Elements in The Bathroom

Source: chic-deco.com

Having lots of things in your bathroom, add a metal rack to keep them. While for the sink you can use the metal box and add black-and-white colours into the bathroom.

10. Add Monochrome Vibe

Source: roomidea.org

Black-and-white also warmth into industrial modern design. When it comes to black-and-white, the better is to place industrial home interior. It’s always a good concept to adopt black-and-white into your industrial modern home decor since these colours are perfect and match to each other.

11. Pipe Rack

Source: alifemorefabulous.blogspot.com

Baring pipe in industrial modern design is always a perfect idea. Pipes always go well with wood. So, you can make your pipe rack by yourself and it’ll be better if it put on the corner of the room.

12. Comely and Sturdy Bench

Source: freshouz.com

You maybe already have had bench or chair, yet it’s possible too to take this kind of bench. This bench designed in a short

13. Shoes Shelves

Source: pinterest.co.uk

It will be a great choice. Opting these shoe shelves and make it into more than one function. This shelf is multifunction too. Don’t take so long and take it now.

14. Bookshelves

Source: pinterest.com.au

What if you would like to renovate your home to achieve the look of industrial design interior, it will be a bit more challenging. You have the opportunity of introducing a furniture element. This bookshelf will attract industrial feel in your house for sure. Add rattan boxes, an old suitcase to get more industrial modern looks and you may also get a natural touch by putting plants.



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