13 Marvelous Small Backyard Designs With Pool

Gathering with friends or family is always healing. You can reduce the amount of stress, tell a story, play games with them. Where do you usually gather with your friends and family? Is it a backyard? yIf the answer ‘YES’, you can create your backyard as cozy and comely as you can. Think of building a swimming pool in your backyard but how come if the backyard is just small? Calm down, there are tons of ideas you can follow to build a pool in a small backyard. Here you can find some style of backyard with pool. Let’s jump!

1. Pool with Gazebo

Source: pinterest.com.au

In a small backyard, you can build a fabulous pool. You could create a rectangle pool that is in an unexpected place. Even, if you still small space after installing the pool consider adding gazebo beside the pool.

2. Half Moon Pool

Source: archello.com

This design inspires you to get a pool in your small backyard. The size, style, design and also type are amazing. Around the pool, you can give sand, so it will be more close to nature and grow some trees or plants by the pool.

3. Bricks

Source: salvabrani.com

The square pool will enhance the appearance of your backyard. It surrounded by red bricks that arranged beautifully. This pool features grey tile, plants around the pool and artistic elements.

4. Among the Tree

Source: homestya.com

To get a natural touch and close to nature, people prefer to choose to add plants, tree, or shrubs around the pool. Swimming pool always is the best choice for most the people for distressing, and also to exercise. Designed with a waterfall can make you more interested in spending your time in the pool and the sound of the waterfall always healing.

5. A Pool in The Forest

Source: architeworks.com

Is it possible to have a pool in the forest? You can imagine how it looks, how it could be. This pool designed among the trees. It’s airy, close to nature, and nice to look.

6. Mirror Swimming Pool

Source: pinterest.ru

A Mirror pool is not ordinary. It’s one of the contemporary swimming pool. The sleek atmosphere and its decoration are one of trendiest pools I’ve ever seen. It also creates refined and subtil.

7. L-Shaped Pool

Source: landezine-award.com

Being bored in square, round, or rectangular form to your swimming pool, try this L-Shaped pool. Looks sleek, blue and it’s a private spot for late-afternoon swims with views of the beautiful scenery.

8. Goes with Stone-Tile

Source: inpos.com.ua

Installing a swimming pool in a small space should be challenging. Managing the design, landscape, type and size in the same time. This pool’s design is a simple one. To get a private pool, we install bamboo as the fence and make foot-path besides the pool. The pool built from stone tile and there is also a stone for the foot-path.

9. Waterfall Pool Feature

Source: pinterest.com.au

Waterfalls in a swimming pool is a water-on-water. Mostly, people choose a waterfall in their swimming pool due to the waterfall directly back into the pool. The water surely recycled as well.

10. Stunning Blue Tile

Source: pinterest.ru

The designed of blue tiles were used for the spa, while stone tiles is in the pool reflect nature. Besides, you can add mattress beside the pool completed with pillows. Get a natural touch with plants surrounding by the pool.

11. Refreshing Pool

Source: twitter.com

You don’t need a huge backyard to have the benefit of a swimming pool! You can pretty much go any sized pool in your backyard. The first thing you need is to prepare and adjust for size and space. Moreover, you can get the same effects from a smaller pool in small yards that can be as refreshing and as fun as possible.

12. A Square Bath

Source: pinterest.ie

A small pool in a small space. With its cool design and wonderfully blue water, this setup is sure to invite you to come on in, enjoy and relax for a while.

13. Small but Incredible

Source: pinterest.se

This pool is small, but it is a bit larger than the other ones. This is a good-sized poo for a home that may be a bit larger but has enough small back yard only that can comfortably house this pool. Fortunately, for that reason you could save your money on elements and maintenance.



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