18 Fabulous DIY Wedding Decor Ideas You Dream On Tight Budget

Save your date! On your special day, the wedding must be perfect. You’re very excited about getting married yet beginning to get a bit anxious and a bit worried about the budget. Tons of question show up inside your mind. So, how can I save my money on wedding decorations? These ideas below will not break your bank. By doing-it-yourself is means for me. Everything you do by yourself and no vendor that help you in preparing your wedding decorations. Let’s explore in more details!

1. Mason Jar Floral Decoration

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Upcycling mason jars and fill them with flowers and candle as wedding decoration that looks pretty and awesome. If you want to step further, you can paint the jars in the colors that you desire.

2. Rose Floral Vase

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These stunning floral vases that using upcycle bottles which stained in rose color. It’s pretty when you fill the vase with some flowers. Not only in colors, but you can also add glitter on the vase to make it more appealing.

3. Hanging Photos Decoration

Source: diyparty99.com

Showing your memorable moments to the guests by hanging photos you have. Your guests will be interested in seeing those photos. Looking back at your memorable moments. To hang on the photos use hemp rope and wooden clip. You could buy them from craft stores and decorate them as comely as you wish.

4. Baby’s Breath Ceremony Decor

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Baby’s breath is always awesome for every event, especially at the wedding ceremony. Looking for bucket and spray paint them in the colours you wish. Then, fill the buckets with the flowers in your wedding. Place them at the end of the seat rows.

5. Chic Wedding Aisle

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To decorate the chairs you could install a simple decoration, like burlap, wreath, mason jar, ribbon or pearl. Adding flowers like sunflower or Baby’s breath will be gorgeous, or, you can use paper that formed into flowers.

6. Floral Wooden Ring

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To decorate guests’ tabl you might decorate with fabulous decoration. Floral wooden ring can be choices. It’s simple to be made yet beautiful and attractive.

7. Wedding Sign

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Wedding sign made from wood is really simple and easy to make. There’re many form you can use for your wedding’s sign. You could place the wedding sign on the dessert table or at the end seat rows.

8. Floral Colourful Centerpiece

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The more colours the best. To make your wedding more gorgeous, you could add colourful accessories. Hang on, stick-on or just put on, it’s okay.

9. Rustic Wedding Decor

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Rustic decoration for your wedding is always a perfect idea. Every ustic wedding DIY is just as stunning and don’t have to be complicated. They’re so simple to make for your big day.

10. Table Sign

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Make table signs for the wedding party. Make it by wood or another material that easy to form and put them on the table beside the stunning flower vase and candles.

11.  Bottle Candle Holder

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Having tons of unused bottle and want to utilize them, make it as a candle holder. It’s unique and also can be an alternative beside vases or burlap.

12. Balloon Table Decor

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The balloon as decoration for a wedding is uncommon. But, how it could be if the balloon used as a table decoration. It’s supposed to be marvellous. Put the balloon in the net and place them in the vase.

13. Bride and Groom Memorable Photo

Source: famousipod.com

What could be prettier than hemp rope? A beautiful tree to hang on your photos. Using flower tree centrepiece and filled with your photos using the rope. Dress up the flower tree with gorgeous decoration complete with candle, rose mason jar or fake fall leave.

14. Wooden Candle Holder

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Wooden candle holder would look a little bit whimsical. It’s an ideal alternative to the extraordinary candle holder. To get natural touch you could decorate this part by adding pines, imitate grass, and flower.

16. Floral Watering Pot

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Using a watering pot filled with real flowers inside the pot. Paint the watering pot to get chic looks, silver, white or gold.

17. Wedding Flag

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It’s pretty wedding supplies. Apply wedding flag on your wedding ceremony will be the very best idea. Your wedding could be one to treasure with this wonderful wedding flag.

18. Up-cycled Windows Wedding Sign

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Go simple and rustic with up-cycle window for your wedding sign. This decoration lets you add the level of attention. Use oak wine barrel as the horse-block. Filling the wine barrel with flowers or kinds of plants.

To get a fabulous wedding decoration, you don’t have to spend a lot of your money. DIY wedding decoration may be your best choice. Pick you love the most and share with us!



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