13 Surprising Powder Room Ideas To Steal

Renovate your bathroom due to the looks already ‘ancient’ or you just got a new recommendation for your friends. The first step you need to do is determining the design. You don’t need to worry, there are so many design ideas you can pick to renew your bathroom. Here, we have some suggestions for you that may inspire you to renovate your bathroom. Let’s check it!

1. Parquet Wooden Floor

Source: dhomedesign.com

The parquet floor is not only just for the center if your home, like the living room, dining room, or bedroom. You could install a parquet wooden floor to your bathroom too. Combining with black and white painted wall will add interest to the bathroom. Looks clean, elegant, but fashionable.

2. Marble Sink

Source: deringhall.com

The sink should be clean. You might choose marble as the sink material. You won’t break your bank due to the cost is relatively cheap and it eases you to clean it.

3. Wallpaper

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With wallpaper adding to the sense of space. Picking natural colours wallpaper with any pattern that you desire and add a large mirror to hang on the wall will make space feel bigger.

4. Go for Rustic

Source: huedecors.com

If you like rustic style, you should get a rustic touch for your bathroom. Install a wooden sink that completed with some storage. You can put your bathroom appliances and need under the sink.

5. Less is More

Source: lafritenyc.com

Remember, the bathroom is one of the best places in your home. You can design it based on your desire. This wallpaper will not make the space crowded. Even, this wallpaper will help you to gain an attractive appearance.

6. White, Clean and Simple

Source: tr.pinterest.com

As always, white is associated with simplicity, clean and organized. Creating a white theme to your bathroom will never regret you. Besides, adding windows will let the ray goes inside the bathroom. It’s better for you to saving electricity.

7. Go for Gold

Source: houseedesigns.com

Setting off metallic accents is set off by crisp white in the glamour bathroom, with the gold faucet and also wallpaper that support the white appliances.

8. Black and White Stripes for Your Bathroom

Source: pinterest.ru

Another concept you can pick is working with black and white stripes. It looks more elegant when you place a gold faucet or a mirror to get a larger feeling to your bathroom.

9. A Manly Powder Room

Source: space4life.ru

Black and white tiles make this ultimate manly space. The wooden tiles looks could make your bathroom feeling expansive it is less expansive.

10. Gold Works Well with Black

Source: pinterest.jp

A gold mirror and faucet, the black tiling and the white vanity are matched by natural tones of the marble.

11. Grey Powder Room

Source: pinterest.se

Looking for neutral colours for your bathroom is not hard. There are many choices you can choose. The most favourite colour is grey. A high window offers plenty of sunlight and privacy.

12. Floral Wallpaper

Source: tr.pinterest.com

A floral wallpaper gives your bathroom the beautiful feminine space. A large window gives a lot of sunlight and a huge mirror granted the room looks bigger.

13. Everywhere is Green

Source: pinterest.cl

A bathroom should be airy, clean and comfy. To get those feelings, you need to add windows, whether in a large or small size, that let the sunlight go inside. Besides, adding plants over there. Plants could handle the temperature fluctuations in your bathroom and they love the humidity.

Now, it’s your turn to renovate your powder room. Take consideration in choosing which ideas you’ll pick, and then do it and make it as fabulous as possible.



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