10 Creative TV Stands Farmhouse Style With Beautiful Designs

Are you looking for TV stands ideas? You can try our list of simple TV stands farmhouse style that will not break your bank. This free TV stands projects will help and inspire you not only in space to put on your TV but also to place your entertainment stuff. Let’s check it!

1. Hanging TV Stands

Source: mykinglist.appspot.com

Rather than letting your wall unused, hang your TV on the wall. You need to stack it strong enough to hold the TV. Before installing the TV you have to make sure the board are strong and thick.

2. TV Stands from Old Table

Source: wanitamalas.com

If you have an unused old table you can use it as the TV stands. Don’t forget to renew the paint if you wish a new look form the old table.

3. TV Stands from Wooden Board

Source: pinterest.ru

Looking for a TV stand that will not break your pocket is easy. Many things around you still could be used. For instance, this unused board can be pinned to the wall. Then, you can put on your TV on the bard. It’s easy to make and won’t take up space.

4. Modern Farmhouse TV Stands

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Be modern and fashionable is great. This design will give you a modern look in farmhouse style. For more decoration, you can store a rattan plate that hangs on the wall.

5. Bold Green TV Stands

Source: pinterest.ca

For innovation, you can paint the TV stand’s table. Fell free to pick the colour that you will use. You can choose the colours to depend on your wish.

6. Classic TV Stand Decor

Source: 33decor.com

You can design TV stands with a classic style. If you have don’t enough space you can hang the TV on the wall. Give classic touch is simple, consider the functionality and quality.

7. Corner TV Stand Ideas

Source: heatylab.com

If you have a space on the corner of the room, use it to place TV stands. You can buy the TV stands at a furniture store or if you want to save your money you can DIY. It lets you more creative.

8. Homemade DIY TV Stands

Source: googodecor.com

Multi-functional TV stands are great. Homemade is always great. You can custom it and make based on your needs. This multi-functional TV stand could be very intriguing for you. It could be uneasy for creating a gallery for a TV. But you must try!

9. DIY Farmhouse Entertainment Center

Source: cinema81.me

TV stand fulfils the idea of holding the TV, but you want something more than that. To entertain your room, add some accessories besides the TV. To get more chic feel, you may apply old ladder, rattan table or natural touch like plants.

10. Go Over with Ancient Style

Source: pinterest.nz

This idea gives you something different. This TV stand has a lot of storage. It helps you to stores the stuff, DVD collection, photo albums, books or other thing.

TV stands is one of the furniture that completes the look of the room. So, choose the best one of your TV design. Best of luck!



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