15 Wonderful Bedroom Paint Colours Ideas You Dream Of

It’s time to design your room! Be colourful, why not? Choosing the colour of paint for your home is easy. You should pick the right one, it will make you relax and brighten up your room. So, due to the colours are many, you should decide carefully. So, how to get the best paint colours for the room? Here are some pieces of advice for you. Let’s explore for more details!

1. Blue-Grey

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Grey always works well in any kinds of room. It gives off neutral mood. Blue-greys can feel clean and give a boost to a backdrop.

2. Bold Green

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Anytime you’re looking at greens, remember the way the light will catch it. Dark grey symbolizes greed, energy, and wealth.

3. Beautiful Gradation

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Looking for a new fresh look from grey you could paint in gradation. It’s stunning and not look monotonous for your bedroom.

4. Pinky Room

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Hi, girls! This’s for you! Pink is considered one of the easiest ways to build a good flow of energy in your home. It’s playful, glamour, and happy colours.

5. I’m in Blue

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The colour blue excites the mind, leading to more productivity. It’s a great choice when you mix with yellow colour for bed cover, pillow or the rug.

6. Optimistic Red

Source: bergge.com

If you pick a red colour for your wall paint, your room will be filled with optimistic, energy, desire and love.

7. Mysterious Black

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Filling your room with a bit of mystery. By choosing black paint for your room it will make your room looks larger.

8. Green-Blue

Source: smalldesignideas.com

Green-Blue is very alike to Sea Salt. Going brighter with green-blue will change the mood of the room.

9. Black on White

Source: ctideaspics.site

As always, if you love clean, organized, the essence and simplicity look, you could pick black and white for your room. It’s easy to decorate and design around, given its warmth yet clean appearance.

10. Polka-dot Wall Painted

Source: dizajninterera.org

Beautifying nursery room or kids’ room by polka-dot wall painted could be fun. Give your kids’ room more playful and bold with polka dots.

11. Pirate Wall Painted in Grey-Blue

Source: iamarchitecturestudio.com

Decorating a pirate theme for your children’s room would be fun. Painting the wall with grey and blue colours that relate with the theme you pick. If you choose the wall painted in blue-greys the room can feel clean. Add wall hanging accessories that you can buy at the store.

12. Colourful with Boho Style

Source: homestya.com

Having a Boho style for your room, it means your room is colourful enough. But, if you want to paint your wall, pick the neutral like black or white colour due to your room already full of colour.

13. Off-White

Source: tr.pinterest.com

It’s easy to decorate and design around, given its warmth yet clean appearance. Some people think that white gives the clinical appearance, but if you go soft off-white it will soften the looks of real white.

14. Going to Universe

Source: pinterest.ca

Creating a universe atmosphere in your kids’ room will be interesting and fun. In this case, you don’t need to paint the wall with black colour that refers to the sky. You just install a huge blackboard on the wall. Then, you should do is creating sky scene like planet, rocket, and the others.

15. Wallpaper in Nursery Room

Source: pinterest.com.mx

Want a cute nursery? Another way to make it is by painting the wall in bright colours. You also can add sticker wall decals and wall stickers for kids at nursery store.

Explore your creativity to create a wonderful room by a wall painted. Get ready to design your room. Hoping those ideas could help you! Good Luck!



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