17 Fabulous Home Decor With Farmhouse Fireplace Ideas

Surely home is a place where you can gather with your family, friends and the one you love. For some people build a fireplace in their home is essential. Designing a fireplace could be entertaining. Get the design that you’re looking for to make a cozy and inviting fireplace. To invite a farmhouse style to your fireplace you could take a look from ideas below!

1. Stone Mantle Fireplace

Source: pinterest.de

You can build a farmhouse fireplace by using the stone to build the mantel. Choosing stone as the element is a good choice because if the stone is strong and durable.

2. Fireplace with Its Painting Wall

Source: ideaboz.com

To get a stunning fireplace you just need to add some beautiful home decor in the fireplace. For you who like painting walls, you could put your favourite painting wall and stick it on the floating mantel of the fireplace.

3. Bricks Fireplace

Source: 99decorate.com

Creates a unique fireplace with clean and simple looks using white-painted bricks. Don’t be afraid of applying white colours in your fireplace mantle. To make your fireplace more stunning, combine with cabinet and rack where you can put some stuff you have.

4. Jungle Fireplace Style

Source: jakadecor.com

What if you have a deer above your fireplace? It sounds scary or cool? For some people who love animal and want to take it as home decor, it’s good to take above the fireplace mantle to get a jungle style look.

5. Modern Farmhouse Design

Source: pinterest.ru

Feeling bored in a farmhouse style but still has a desire in farmhouse feel, feel free to combine modern style with farmhouse style. In creating this design, it will create a great combination fireplace.

6. A High Fireplace Mantle

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Take consideration if you want to build such a cool fireplace. Choosing a high mantle to your fireplace in proper. It depends on the fireplace size, the aesthetic desired that could vary extensively.

7. Fireplace Under TV

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It could be weird yet cool to install a fireplace under the TV. While warm your body you can also watch the TV at the same time. Stick the TV on the wall and get some beautiful looks by putting photo frames, candles, or home decor sign on the rack that install beside the fireplace.

8. On the Corner of The Room

Source: lwinteriors.com

Is it possible to build a fireplace in the corner of the room? Yes! Use your space to make such an amazing fireplace. You can use stone for the mantle that is durable and also strong. Inviting farmhouse feel by applying a rattan basket, wooden table and add Mums flower to beautify the room.

9. In Your Bedroom

Source: ideaboz.com

We find crazy decoration for your bedroom. A fireplace. Not only in the living room, dining room or kitchen, surely you can build a fireplace in your bedroom. You don’t need to build the big one, just build the small that fit in your bedroom.

10. Bricks Mantle and Farmhouse Sketch

Source: tr.pinterest.com

Installing bricks a home decor is always astonishing. Mixing the white-painted bricks for your fireplace with a big farmhouse sketch. It’s a good combination that you love.

11. In Pantry

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Kitchen and fireplace. For some people, it’ll be a good idea. Enjoying your meal while warming your body could be interesting. Gather with your family member will more fun in this cozy place.

12. Classic Design

Source: newestcars.info

Use the wall space above your beside the fireplace to show off your memorable photos and your favourite collection. There’s no need to own a full set. Just pick some and it’ll look good.

13. Neutral Tone

Source: pinterest.fr

Pines and a comfy seat make the fireplace an inviting place, even on warmer days. Mix and match with white colour to your seat and rattan rug, a wooden coffee table.

14. Pumpkin Theme

Source: decorits.com

Pumpkin in different sizes, colours and containers filled with wooden fire is always good. Inviting pumpkin theme in farmhouse fireplace style is unique. You can blend farmhouse things with pumpkin and store them as fancy as you like.

15. Simple and Chic Decor

Source: rusbun.info

Making a fireplace is not always in a large space. The fireplace can fit into any space. You need to get the best design to make a cozy and inviting fireplace. The beauty of this fireplace is that you can find more inspiration. You can improve your fireplace and make as cozy as you wish.

16. Gorgeous Fireplace

Source: mykinglist.com

Hanging accessories on the fireplace will not make it feel crowded. On the opposite, you will find such a cute and comely look to your fireplace. Giving plants touch and hang the home decor sign on the wall above the fireplace.

17. Eye-Catching Fireplace with Marble

Source: pinterest.ca

Create a dramatic fireplace with a marble slab It seems great when opting marble to your fireplace mantle. Besides the cost is relatively cheap, it’s also durable and easy to clean.

Is it easy right? Get your best fireplace and try at your home!



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