17 Front Porch Setting Ideas For Any Home Design

It’s a porch – not a deck or a patio. The porch is one’s of living space that continued in front of welcoming refuge, in the back covered way the outdoor, or wrapping around the house. Thinking of creating a porch at your home is also thinking about sitting in a comfortable chair, watching the sky, enjoying a cool beverage and meal with friends and family. Many types of porch you can find, as like open porch, wraparound, screened porch, and covered porch. Are you ready to find the porch of your wish? Take a tour of some gorgeous types and designs.

1. Covered Porch

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Staring at the world on your porch will never go out by style. This porch is like sunrooms with lots of windows and that open to let in the fresh air. Incorporate with other furniture suitable for this design.

2. Green Porch

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This one has fresh paint and look, wooden floor, and beautiful touches form green paint and planters. The open and airy porch could be good in any home design. For some who like green, it could be a great idea. But, if you don’t take this colours you may have another one if you like.

3. White Modern Style Porch

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Getting bored with your old porch? Renovate the porch with this modern design porch in white tone. For some people installing a fireplace should be in the house, but you could do differently. Placing a fireplace in the porch is a good idea. Incorporate with old chairs and coffee table in two sides, hanging the fan, and TV.

4. Coastal Porch

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Imagine enjoying sea-scene in the morning or evening with the one you love. Coastal style is always the best choice in any home style. The view of the beach you can make by planting coconut tree, palm tree and give a beachy touch in your porch.

5. Relaxed in Your Porch

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Parquet wooden floor, half bricks pillar with a bench. Throw some pillows on the bench so you can relax over there. For some people relaxing in an open place is annoying, yet you should know you can enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful view.

6. Romantic Porch

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Carry out this romantic feel into your porch can be done by the curtain, pink rug, and some of the furniture that painted by pick colours too. Remember to throw pillow in the rattan chairs.

7. Vintage Theme Goes Well with Grey

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Giving grey touch in your porch will never go of style. While you choose to adopt vintage style into your porch you can combine with these neutral colours due to grey can fit in any home design. Install pot planter on the table, black chair with green pillow and some hanging plants on the wall.

8. Open Porch

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Green tile blend with stone for the floor of the porch. Open porch usually associated with front porches. This kind of porch includes iron chairs, a large table with tablecloth and some indoor plants.

9. Plants Porch

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Needs an airy place, fresh air and a comfy porch. Come up with many kinds of plants with a stunning coffee table and L-Shaped sofa with pattern pillows. If the night comes, you can install the old vintage standing lamp.

10. A Simple Traditional Porch

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Getting a fresh porch with a white ceiling, white paint on the window, and brown wooden floor. This types of porch are wraparound porch that often seen on older homes. Setting the black chairs which are foldable and moveable in dark colours with its comely blue stripes pillow in the porch is charming.

11. An Airy Porch

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Welcoming your guest with a beautiful porch. Your guests will interested with the porch for sure. The airy place, beautiful scenery that can be seen from the porch, and a comfortable seat. If you get bored to spend time with your guest in the house, you can do it on the porch.

12. A Comely Porch with Umbrella

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Feel like on the beach. Enjoying the sunrise with coastal furniture design into your porch. Put a huge umbrella on the centre of the table, add natural touch with plants and choose white colours that fit in a coastal vibe.

13. Tiny Porch

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The porch is not always about in a huge space, you can build even in a small space too. Incorporating the best of design to your porch. If it’s not possible to store a coffee table and chairs, just put a chair in the porch. To lighten up this place, install a lantern on the wall.

14. Old yet Chic Porch

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The style is old yet chic. Upcycling an old bed frame as the bench, a vintage rack to put the plants on. Designing in white ceiling, walls and cement for flooring.

15. Sun Porch

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Outdoor furniture in wooden chairs and coffee table, and also the flooring. It looks like sunroom which is are ideal for homeowners who are looking to enjoy the outdoors year-round. Enhance your sun porch wit some kinds of flowers.

16. Modern in America

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In this charming modern style porch, you can feel like in America. Design your porch in the white painted wall, ceiling, table and chair and brings the American flag to substitute the flower on the table. Installing a lot of windows and outdoor furniture in a small coffee table.

17. Blue Wraparound

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You may find this wraparound porch in any old homes. Put a round table among the iron chairs which are completed by a blue pillow you can seat on. Add an old hanging lamp over the chairs. You could store them in the entryway or on the corner as well.

It’s your turn to create an awesome porch at your home! Good luck!



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