10 Colourful and Modern Spanish Tile That Attract Your Bathroom

Brings Spanish atmosphere into a bathroom by installing such a stylish and colourful tile. No matter what are you looking about the Spanish tile you can find it. There are many patterns, size, shape and colour. If you’re confused about picking the best tile to allow me to suggest you to choose the Spanish tile to your bathroom.

1. Blue Spanish Tile

Source: pinterest.ca

Pick the blue Spanish tile to your bathroom is such a good idea. The blue colours reflects freshness, natural and simple. It’ll not make your bathroom feel crowded. Combining floral pattern and plain ceramic tile make your bathroom looks loveable.

2. Spanish Accent Tile

Source: goodnewsarchitecture.com

It’s shower time. This small room offers a lovely vibe in Spanish tile. You take no time to realize that this turquoise concrete tile is very eye-catching. The design is one of the best choices.

3. Spanish Style Patterned Bathroom

Source: archidea.com.ua

Due to Spanish tile has so many gorgeous patterns and you can’t decide on a single pattern, you can determine this one. Its pattern looks simple, comely and stylish. You can blend with white tile on the wall to get more eccentric appearance.

4. Hexagon and Star

Source: pinterest.ch

Blue, blue, blue and white. It’s such a perfect combination. These pure colours are neutral, light and work with everything. With hexagon shape and star pattern and blue colour make your bathroom keep light and airy.

5. Traditional Spanish Tile

Source: idei-dekoru.com

It takes no time to realize that this concept is awesome. Though you can’t choose which the best tile you like the most, you can pick all these pattern tile to your bathroom. It sounds insane, right? But you can work at home!

6. Modern Spanish Tile Floor

Source: pinterest.ca

It’s intriguing that the blue colour in this concrete tile bathroom floor also displays in white tone. It can open up for the scheme of this bathroom design.

7. Sunny and Lively Tile

Source: dreamtilinggc.com.au

Adorn your floor and wall bathroom with this Spanish tile. With blue accents, tile and white tone will lighten up the room. Because blue and white colours are close to purity and nature, you can use wooden vanity and white.

8. Fabulous Spanish Tile

Source: illicitlistening.com

This concentrate tile bathroom is splendid. Due to the concentrate tile bathroom floor has an abundance of bright colour, the white sink is a great choice.

9. Spanish Tile Designs with Red Brick Wall

Source: illicitlistening.com

Mixing the beautiful Spanish tile bathroom with red bricks wall. The tile goes well with the red brick since they have the same colour. It could be equally pleasing.

10. Traditional Saltillo Tile

Source: artsandcraftshomes.com

The traditional Spanish tile with earthen colour complement of every element of the bathroom decor. The earthen colour ranges brown, terracotta, and with touches of grey. Blend this such intriguing tile with the rug, and brown vanity with marble sink.

Hoping these ideas help you in building bathroom in Spanish style! Try at home and you can improve by yourself.



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