10 DIY Teapot Birdhouse from Recycle Teapot

If you have an unused teapot what will you do? Throw away or recycle the teapot into something useful? How about reusing it as a birdhouse? It’s such an awesome recycling idea! You can create stylish birdhouse by your creativity. Here are some ideas that you can choose! 

1. Floral Design

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Make a comely teapot birdhouse with wooden planks. You need to cut all the wooden bits to a size that you wish. Stain the wooden bit in white colour that matches with the teapot. Then, to get a beautiful look, you can paint a flower on the wooden planks. It’ll make such a beautiful teapot birdhouse.

2. Hanging Teapot Birdhouse

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If you don’t want to use a wooden plank, you could hang the teapot birdhouse on the wall or wooden fence in your backyard. It’s effortless and easy to make. You can buy an iron hanger and put it on the fence or wall.

3. Wooden Lid

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To make your teapot birdhouse matches with the wooden plank that painted in blue colour, you can make a lid to cover the teapot. Make it from wooden and give a hall in the centre.

4. Teapot Birdhouse with Nest

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It’s a good idea to repurpose the teapot to be a shelter. If you just want to repurpose the teapot as the shelter but not for a bird feeder you don’t need to use the lid. Cut the lid becomes half part then stick on with glue. After that, put the straw in the teapot.

5. Ceramic Teapot

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Another way to get a cute teapot birdhouse is to stain the teapot. It’s effortless and you can do by yourself. Spruce it up with a full paint. These are things you need are soapy water, towel, water-based ceramic paints.

6. Multifunction

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The teapot can be multifunction. Besides the birdhouse, it also can be an outdoor decoration. Design the teapot first and then use a wooden plank, hemp rope to hang the teapot. Remember to hang this teapot in the height that you can reach.

7. Include The Cup

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This is such a perfect idea! To complete the birdhouse you need a bird feeder. If you have a cup that already unused you may use it as the bird feeder. Using a teapot as the shelter and a cup as the bird feeder is great unity.

8. Using A Spoon as A Bird Feeder

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As I told before, using a cup as the bird feeder. Another kitchen appliances that you can use as the bird feeder is a spoon. Even the size is small, you still repurpose it as the bird feeder. Just put the spoon in the teapot then glue the spoon so it’ll not fall.

9. Ceramic Paint Teapot

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To give a lovely look, you can stain the teapot in any kind of pattern or object. By using water-based ceramic you can create an amazing painting on it.

10. Earthenware Teapot

Source: goodnewsarchitecture.com

If you feel bored with your earthenware teapot and will change with a ceramic teapot, don’t throw it away. Use the teapot as the birdhouse. Store it on the wall by using wooden plank and make it more beautiful by staining the teapot in any patter or object if you like.

Which teapot birdhouse you like the most? It’s your turn to try at home!



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