15 Precious DIY Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

It’s time to adorn your living room with wall art decor. It takes no time to realize that there are so many fabulous wall art decor you can made by yourself. Rather than buying the new one, you can make it by reusing, recycling and repurposing unused things in your home. Explore your creativity and make the most gorgeouse wall art decor! To help you gain it, below some concepts that inspire you! Let’s jump!

1. Lovely Blue Photo Frame

Source: hngdiy.com

The very first is using a photo frame. Take in any size, shape, and design. Stain these photo frame with blue colour that matches with the wall colour. Give an extra combination of blue colours, like bright, middle, and dark blue. Hang them with a nail on the wall.

2. Skinny Triangle Shelves

Source: nl.pinterest.com

Feeling bored with your old shelves, you can change with this triangle shelves. It’s made of wooden and you can show off your favourite collection, plants and books.

3. Sticker Wall Decor

Source: tr.pinterest.com

Designing a living room it can be fun. It means you can explore your creativity and imagination to create something new and fresh. This wall decor is affordable and easy to make. You can but the sticker and arrange into any shape. This wall decor is very lovable and eases you to make at your home. Try it!

4. Wooden Painting Wall Art

Source: archeonauteonlus.com

Interesting, gorgeous and stunning. Three words reflect this painting wall decor. It’s so simple yet very intriguing. The combination colours between the painting and wall are such an incredible unity. The natural colour of the grey paint, natural touch from the tree and a wooden painting could adore your living room and make your guest in their first impression. If you have another theme to make a painting wall decor, you can do it.

5. Hanging Craft

Source: pinterest.cl

Collecting many things give you many benefits. To get something different, you may show off your collection become a wall decor. Use photo frames to hang them on the wall. For any collection like shells or beautiful stone you may stick to the frame, then hang it with hemp rope. Sketch, painting and or photo you can do at the same way.

6. Chevron Wooden Wall Decor

Source: homesian.com

Using the unused board and repurpose it. With hook and nail, you can make it by yourself. You can follow this chevron shape to your wall decor. Or you can choose other shapes that you desire.

7. Painted Round Rattan

Source: usdecorating.com

If you have more rattan plates, you may repurpose them as wall decor. Hang it on the wall. Give such a stunning design for the plates. Using rattan plates then give an orange touch by staining them. To make it more adorable, you can paint in any different part.

8. Airplane Paper Decor

Source: ww25.pinstake.com

Paper, paper and paper. Your living room will be such a nice room in your home. Using origami paper to make this wall decor. Form them in the same shape, it’s possible to make it in different size too. After that, arrange and stick them to the wall.

9. Old Branches

Source: nails0.club

Arrange the branches into a love shape. Before hanging them, you should stain them first. In any different size and shape you could make this such lovely hanging branches wall decor.

10. Minimalist Hanging Photo

Source: funcraftskids.com

Tons of photos on your desk. Some already put on the frame, but if you want something different, you can follow this idea. Hanging photos and place it in the living room. To make it more eye-catching, add pattern paper in black and white tones.

11. Indoor Planter

Source: decorits.com

There are many indoor plants as decoration in every single room. How about vine plants that will beautify your wall. This plant always goes well in any place. This just a new fresh look for your living room. Using hexagon iron hanging planter when the plants spread.

12. I Love Books So Much

Source: pinterest.ch

Wherever you go you will find this such an amazing thing. For some people old books just be thrown away. Stop doing it! Rather than throwing away them, reuse it as wall decor. Is it sound insane? It’s a great idea. You’ll never regret to use it as wall decor. Besides write down something memorable, funny or romantic on the page.

13. Home Sign

Source: sarahjoyblog.com

Affordable and comely. You can use any paper then write on messages on it. Write down any kind of funny or romantic messages to your family or the one you love.

14. Wreath Hanging Wall Decor

Source: myamazingthings.com

Using a wooden ring and fake plants to make this wall decor. If you don’t want the wreath full of plants, you can place the plants in the wooden ring in half part only.

15. Mason Jar

Source: myamazingthings.com

Intriguing wall decor from mason jar. Recycling the mason jar into hanging planters or candle holder. Stain them in any colours you wish. To hang it on the, you can use a wooden board then you can hang them.

Is it easy and simple right! Try at home and you can improve the looks in any style! Good Luck!



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