10 Gorgeous DIY Holiday Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas is coming over! Happiness is everywhere. You should prepare everything for your Christmas celebration. Decorating a home in the Christmas theme could be fun. You can design and organize it depends on your style. To create such an incredible Christmas decoration, you can buy some Christmas ornaments at the store. But, it’s better to do it by yourself if you want something different and reuse your old things. Below, we are going to share some Christmas ornaments to decorate your home. Let’s take a look!

1. Craft Pine Wreath

Source: in.pinterest.com

This DIY pine wreath from pines is perfect for Christmas decor. It’s a good activity for you and your children to get in the holiday. This also pretty so much to live up after Christmas is over.

2. Candle Holder from Painted Mason Jar

Source: pinterest.ru

Stain your mason jar with Christmas colours. Make your candle holder as fancy as you wish. You don’t need to stain all part in the jar, but you may give space to make an object so, you can see the candle from the outside. Put the candle on the mason jar and give accessories if you like.

3. Barn and Branches Candle Holder

Source: pinterest.se

You can use anything to make your home attractive with pretty DIY decoration. This candle holder is made from barn and branches. You can find in your yard and buy the barn then arrange them.

4. A Wooden Centerpiece

Source: pinterest.se

Up your holiday decor and make your home smell fabulous at the same time. This wooden centrepiece could be your choice to decorate the dining table. Easy to make and can live up your home. Put a candle in a different size, pine and leaves to beautify the appearance.

5. DIY Craft Kids

Source: propertyshutters.com

It’s time to create such an amazing craft for your kids. Invite your children to make their DIY Christmas decor and let them explore their creativity. As these cute handmade, it just made by origami paper in different pattern yet same in the colours.

6. Door Decoration

Source: pinterest.ph

Welcome your guest with this pretty door decoration. Use things around you, like branches and some Christmas ornaments. If you still have last year Christmas ornaments, you can reuse it.

7.  Trees for Trees Cheap Vintage

Source: amandashires.net

Creative and pretty. These unique trees are made from pines. Put them on the little basket then adorn them with green ribbon. It’s such an incredible miniature Christmas tree. Try it!

8. Sparkling Snowman

Source: pinterest.de

Your Christmas is more special when you can decorate your home well. This adorable miniature snowman look chic and also can sparkle your home. Set in the miniature trees, the snowman and also fake snow in a jar. It’ll make your Christmas perfect.

9. Welcoming Home

Source: craft-mart.com

Turn the wooden brown board into a home decoration. Draw tree in different types on the board with white paint then put on the table. You may put them in your entryway to adorn your entryway.

10. A Cute Paper Christmas Tree Ornaments

Source: pinterest.fr

Brings an old paper into your Christmas tree. Turn these old paper into Christmas ornament. Make by your creativity. You can create them in any shape, like stars like this picture. Or you may try in other shapes.

Is it easy and affordable right? Try at your home and make your holiday be more fun.



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