12 Best Christmas Wall Decoration Ideas You May Try

Christmas is here! It means you will spend a lot of money on festive decor and thoughtful presents. You can create some creative and stylish DIY Christmas wall decor. This decoration will not break your bank account. Whether you want modern or traditional decoration, these ideas can help you to get what you desire.

1. Hanging Snowflake

Source: fler.cz

These snowflakes can be made from a popsicle stick. Simply arrange, glue and spray paint the popsicle for wall decoration. Hanging them using hemp rope and bunch them on the branch.

2. Wooden Christmas Tree Wall Decor

Source: elle.fr

Feeling bored with an ordinary Christmas tree, you may take this one! It’s simple to make and easy to get the elements. Just take some cutting wood then arrange them on the wall. To complete the tree, add a small stem that already cut as the stem.

3. Christmas Tree from Sticker

Source: pinterest.com

Beside using small stems, you can make a creative wall decor by using sticker. Buy it at the store, arrange them into a pretty Christmas wall decor. You can place it in your bedroom, living room or your workplace.

4. Shiny Wreath Decoration

Source: decomg.com

Make wreath from leaves and complete with lighting. Sparkle your room by this sparkling wreath. This ornament wreath will cheer up the wall.

5. Inspirational Gifts Idea

Source: simplebeyond.com

Maybe some of you already prepared a gift for your family and friends. Commonly, people like to give them directly, but you can give them different. Hang them on the wreath you made o the wall. You can use other accessories to adorn your home.

6. Christmas Arrangement

Source: fbfreestatus.blogspot.com

Tree, deer, socks, and other ornaments you can create for your Christmas decoration. Don’t spend a lot your money to get this pretty decoration, use the previous decoration and build in another way as the wall decor.

7. Christmas Tree

Source: tr.pinterest.com

This will look adorably festive o the wall. Using lighting to make a Christmas. It’s obvious, we didn’t think this first. This can be tried at your home with simple way.

8. Branch Mini Tree

Source: twitter.com

Since there are so many stylish Christmas tree, you may opt this one! Using branches, lighting, and Christmas ornament to create it.

9. Wreath Wooden Ring

Source: in.pinterest.com

The wooden ring is always useful to make any craft. This wall decor is so adorable and easy to make. Take leaves and arrange them in the wooden ring. Use a nail and hook to hang them on the wall. Don’t forget you don’t need to fill the wooden ring with leave, you may only fill with a little.

10. Wooden Wall Sign

Source: pinterest.ru

Write down any messages on the board. You can also draw a deer, snowflake or dot to make them pretty. It’ll more adorable with these pine cone and the leaves.

11. Make a Creative Wall Decor

Source: kolomna.forward-club.ru

This way, you can design your wall in your work however you want. You can buy this cute wall sticker and stick it on the wall. You really can use anything to make your room cozy and pretty. It’s such an amazing combination since the wall decor colours fits with the wall paint.

12. Wooden Snowflake Shelves

Source: pinterest.co.uk

Beautifying your corner with this festive wall decor. Since it’s a Christmas theme, you may build everything that relates with Christmas. This is just an incredible and useful decor. Besides embellishing your corner, you may put some your collection on the shelves. To complete the looks, you may hang Christmas ornament and also wood rectangle box to put your books.

Get ready for your holiday with these adorable DIY craft! Create at home and improve by yourself!



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