10 Adorable and Easy Christmas Craft for Kids

Everyone is waiting for Christmas, especially kids. They’re so happy to celebrate this special day. Preparing this special day with any presents, Christmas ornaments, Christmas cookies, and decoration. If your kids get interested in making this Christmas craft they can see some photos below and follow the most they like. Ahead of some crafty handmade easy to make for your kids! 

1. Dwarfs Paper Plate

Source: survivingateacherssalary.com

This simple craft is made from a paper plate, construction paper (red, green and white), cotton balls (or pom poms), googly eyes and a glue stick. Then cut them using a scissor. Form the construction paper into a triangle shape to make the hat and the body. Stick the construction paper, googly eyes, and cotton balls using a glue stick. Done!

2. Sticky Hanging Christmas Ornaments

Source: werebrightathome.com

Using sticks to make this cutie Christmas ornaments. You just need sticks, googly eyes, flannelette and you can draw dots on it. Is it easy right?

3. Santa, Tree and Snowman Sticky Christmas

Source: 99decorate.com

Stick ice cream is very useful indeed. You can turn them in any kind of crafts. This craft is very simple to create. Remember, kids always like something picturesque, you can show them how to stain the stick and make it in different colours. Colouring them based on the character they make.

4. Adorable Pencil Christmas Tree

Source: pinterest.ch

Christmas tree from pencils colour? It sounds great. It can be a Christmas gift for your kids. Or they can make as a gift for their friends.

5. Elf Craft from Toilet Paper Tube

Source: pinterest.com

Turn your tissue paper tube into these such charming Christmas ornaments. You can use unused tissue paper tube then adorn them by using flannelette, sparkle cotton balls, and glitter paper. Don’t forget to put a smiley face on it.

6. Olaf Bottle Cap

Source: pinterest.co.uk

Complete your Christmas with this adorable ornaments. Turning these bottle caps into Olaf by completed with red ribbon, sparkle cotton balls and flannelette as the hat.

7. Crafty Christmas Tree

Source: pinterest.com.mx

Still with stick ice cream. It’s really useful and this craft easy to master. These Christmas tree can be hung on the real Christmas tree or the wall. Make them in many different colours, size and don’t forget to put the star on the top. To hang them, you may use hemp rope or another rope.

8. Simple Snowman Clothespin

Source: aboutamom.com

Simple yet adorable. Easy to make and easy to get the material. Use the clothespins, draw eyes, and nose on it. Hang them on the Christmas tree.

9. Cutie Reindeer Bulb

Source: pinterest.ru

We always have reindeer every Christmas. Make your reindeer more intriguing from bulb. Spray them with paint then draw eyes, a big nose and a small mouth on the bulb. To complete it, stick horn from the paper on the bulb.

10. Santa Handy Paper Craft

Source: funfamilycrafts.com 

The last but not least, Santa Clause from handprint. Form the paper form handprint, cut them then draw eyes in the paper. Use the glue stick to stick the moustache and hat.

Brings these adorable crafts at your Christmas celebration. Try at home with your kids!



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