10 Shimmering Mason Jar Christmas Crafts That Are Fun to Make

What will you do in this cold weather? We think it’s good for us to make a few Christmas craft. Surely, you could DIY your Christmas crafts, decoration and ornaments. To make these Christmas crafts you can use various material. One of them is using the mason jar. By this thing, you can create any Christmas crafts. So, ahead we’ve been collect some ideas for you to make such Christmas crafts from the mason jar.

1. Santa Clause Mason Jar

Source: dodiys.com

The very first thing you can put in your house is Santa Clause. Creating something new for your Santa Clause by using a mason jar. Stain the jar in white colour and add red ribbon or flannelette, and buttons on it.

2. Candle Holder Jar

Source: weddingchicks.com

Light up your Christmas eve with any kind of candles. Put some candles in the jar and if you love you can stain the jar. Thus, it will look like a lantern jar.

3. Christmas Car Snow Globe

Source: victoria-b.net

This Christmas craft not only for kids, but you also may have it. Display your mason jar with your favourite toys, like truck, car or bike. You can DIY and decorate it like a snow globe.

4. Christmas Olaf Mason Jar

Source: pinterest.ru

It’s a fun project to do with your kids. Olaf in a mason jar is always interesting. All you need is painting the jar then add hemp rope on the top as decoration.

5. Snowy Mason Jar

Source: pinterest.de

Is it snow right? Everywhere is cold and white. Designing your mason jar with this snowy accent will help you to attract your Christmas decor.

6. Mason Jar Reindeer

Source: architeworks.com

Display your mason jar with these sweety chocolate cookies in a Reindeer mason jar. Add googly eyes and cotton balls to make the face.

7. Snowman Snow Globe

Source: pinterest.es

Snowman in snow globe mason jar is always a perfect idea. Put the snowman in the jar and give a snowy touch.

8. Mason Jar Tree Stand

Source: weekendcraft.com

Decorate your table with this incredible DIY. Put fresh plants with red berries in the jar. Then show off it with this black and white stripes fabric to cover the jar.

9. Peppermint Candy

Source: othence.com

This is amusing to put your peppermint candies in this pretty jar. It looks like Santa Clause that brings gifts to all of you. To complete the appearance add red ribbon and some buttons on it.

10. Winter Snowflake Mason Jar

Source: pinterest.ru

Searching for Christmas craft just make this simple one. Spray them paint and draw the snowflakes to get snowy accents.

It’s time to make your best Christmas craft! Try at home and wow your guests!



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