10 Amazing Christmas Decorating Ideas

This special day is coming closer. Many people appreciate and make a fantastic celebration. Hunting for Christmas outfit, decoration, food and beverages, and ornaments. You can buy that stuff and also improve by yourself. Lookout for Christmas decoration in a minute, just do these simple ideas. Let’s take a pick!

1. Stairs Decor with Fresh Plants

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When you have an idea to make your stairs look pretty you can decorate them with any Christmas decoration or ornaments. To get a fresh look is by using plants. Put them on the pot the to light them up to add some strings light.

2. Chalk Board Decor

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If you are in a rush and don’t have enough time to buy a Christmas tree, just draw a tree on the board by using chalk. To complete make it looks real, put some gifts under the tree.

3. Stocking Stuffer

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Every home has stocking stuffer for this such occasion. To keep gifts for your kids, your stuff or candies. Hang them on the faux fireplace with garlands.

4. Such A Beautiful Garlands

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Garland is always pleasant on any occasion. Greenery garland combines with traditional colour could be such pretty decoration.

5. Table Set

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Setting your dining table with silverware, tablecloths, napkins in some colours. Set the napkins and tablecloths in red colours and gold for the dinnerware.

6. Bulb Christmas Ornaments

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You can DIY your Christmas ornaments. Using bulbs, red berries and fresh plants. Adding a red ribbon and tight it on the head.

7. Impress Your Guest

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Remember, make wow your guests with such beautiful accessories, decor and ornaments for your porch. This is a very important part of your home where your guests see your porch.

8. Christmas Tree

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Rainbow Christmas tree will attract your fireplace. Another way to change garland in your fireplace, you can use the mini Christmas tree in many different colours, size and height.

9. Tree Mason Jar

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Adorning your home with the mason jar. All you need is the fresh plants, mason jar and pine cones. Paint the mason jar with black and white stripes if you like and then add hemp ropes.

10. Wooden Candle Holders

Source: sumcoco.com

Lighting up your Christmas eve with candles. For some people use glass or jar to put the candles. Make it different from this beautify the candle holders by using wooden. Put the faux grass first then the candle then. Add red berries, mushroom decoration and ribbon.

Let’s try these ideas and don’t forget to share with us! Good Luck!



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