Adorning Your December With These DIY Christmas Decor

Christmas is one of the most waited days for everyone. On this special day, you will find lots of fantastic decoration, meals, beverages, dessert, and gifts. All of the people are very excited about celebrating this special day. Kids, teenagers, adults, girls, boys, most of them will make something incredible to celebrate that day.

The most important thing we should do for our December is decorating our home. Plenty of decoration you can DIY. Looking around ideas how to make DIY Christmas decor, you’re on the right place. If you struggle how to adorn your December with Christmas decor, we’ve something for you. Given below several DIY Christmas decor you can follow. Let’s take a look!

1. Hanging Dining Table Decor


Complete your dining table with such a pretty decoration by hanging these Christmas decoration. Making these Christmas decoration by using paper in varying colours. These Christmas decoration can be used as lighting cage, so you can add light (bulb, it’s optional) inside these decorations. It’ll light up your along with your dining table.

2. Ball Ornaments


Applying gold and silver colours on your ball Christmas ornaments. Install these ball ornaments in the edge of your windows. Hanging them by using ribbon in gold and silver colours. Then complete it with garland.

3. Mini Christmas Tree


How to build a Christmas tree for your table? It’s simple and easy. Looking around an unused thing that you can use to create a Christmas tree. This mini tree created by using the stained wooden board. Blend the tree with green and white colours. Then adorn the tree using any accessories.

4. Stocking Stuffer


Decorating your wall spaces with this adorable stocking stuffer. To make these stocking you can sew them. Create the stocking in any pattern and types. Then, store them in the ice scatter.

5. Pine Cones Decoration


Besides, you can also use pine cones to make something cute and adorable for your December. If you often find pine cones on the Christmas tree or table centrepiece, you can make it for hanging decor. Store them in the hanging candle holder. You’ll get something different and special for your Christmas decor.

6. Garlands


Beautify all space in your home, without any exception your windows. You can DIY garlands using any kind of greenery season. Hang them using ribbon at varying height.

7. Wood Entryway Decor


Make this decor using the wooden board. Draw a tree in each board with a different tree to get an interesting look. Not only that, to make it prettier you can add rope and tie them on the topper of this decor. The last, store them on your entryway.

8. Pine Cones Christmas Tree


Not only a big Christmas tree, you can also create a little tree from pine cones. All you need is mini planters (paint them in white colours) then put pine cones in every planter. To complete the look, add a green ribbon with jingle bells.

9. Cinnamon Candle Holders


What can we do with cinnamon besides to make something delicious? It can create a candle holder. Gather the cinnamon (already painted in white colour) and form into a ringed shape. No need glue, just gather them using burlap and hemp rope.

10. Paper Christmas Tree


This charming Christmas tree created from paper. Fold the paper to make this tree, then stain them in any colour you like. After that form them to create a tree and put a star on the topper. Something new in your December is ready.

Those are any kind DIY Christmas decoration you can make it at home. You can make them using unused things lying around you. So, try it to adorn your December.



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