Bedroom Decor We Desire

A bedroom is one of the most crucial room in our home. This place should feel cozy and comfy for you. So that’s why we need to decor this space as cozy as possible. Tons of decorations you can discover and follow, vintage, retro, rustic, farmhouse to modern.

Decor your bedroom with a simple design yet resulting in such a fantastic room. Thus, you should not make any mistakes to design it. Here, we have some ideas that will inspire you to design your bedroom. For more details, check these out!

1. Full of Ray


To create a comfy and cozy bedroom in no need to install any bedroom decor. Sometimes, we only need is brighten up the room. Thus, we need to decor our bedroom that allows the sunlight to goes inside easily. Install a huge window in the bedroom, so you’ll get it.

2. Hanging Lamps


Hanging lamps is very popular lately. Install these hanging lamps in your bedroom to make an appealing appearance and to light up it too. There are many hanging lamp’s designs you can take.

3. Dark Painted Colour


This dark colour is fit in any design. It creates your room bigger look. Besides, it also gives a mysterious and elegant look to your bedroom. So, if you have prepared to paint your bedroom with this dark colour is a good idea. Just go for it!

4. Curtain


Installing windows in your bedroom you also need to add the curtain as well. Pick the curtain that makes your bedroom looks more beautiful. Choose the earthy colour if you like. With the simple design and earthy colour, you would get such a chic bedroom.

5. Vintage Decor


Adding vintage decoration in your bedroom is easy. Bulb hanging lamp can be your choice. Hanging the lamp in your bedroom and you’d get a vintage feel. You can also add more vintage decoration in your bedroom.

6. Clean Room


It is time to colour up your bedroom with a clean colour. A white colour would make your room fell organized. You can decorate your room with any white furniture. To make it more intriguing you can add string light.

7. Install Swing


How about installing a swing for your bedroom? It can look nice to install the swing in your bedroom. Besides giving an intriguing look it also makes your room seems eye-catching. Enjoying your night in the swing while calling your friend or reading book.

8. Macrame Decor


We need something comely in our wall space. season. There are many wall art decoration we can pick. One of the intriguing wall decors is macrame. Feel free to choose the colours of macrame and also the size.

9. Antique Lamp


Another decoration that will look pretty to build your bedroom is ceiling lamp. This ceiling lamp is looking incredible and antique. It made by yarn that is arranged. Look simple yet resulting in a stylish and pretty decor.

10. Install Drawer


Beautify your bedroom with this drawer. It looks a bit old yet has a nice look. This wooden drawer can be placed beside your bed. Furthermore, install table lamp and greenery season on the table, so it won’t look bare.

Transform your bedroom with these decorations, so you’ll get a cozy bedroom as you dream of. Hoping those ideas will help you.



Hi! My name is Olivia! I loved sharing all about home ideas, inspiration for effortless home decorating and interior design.

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