The Best Apartment Living Room Ideas

A living room is a place you to share stories, play games and meet friends. This place should feel cozy and comfy for you and your guests. So that’s why we need to design this space as beautiful as possible. Million living room ideas you can follow, vintage, retro, rustic, to modern.

In deciding the design for your apartment living room, you also need to consider your living room size. Thus, you will not make any mistakes to design it. Here, we have some solutions that will help you to design you apartment living room. For more details, check these out!

1. Airy Living Room


A living room needs to be airy due to this place is one of the crucial space in your apartment. We often use this place to do our job. Making an airy living room is simple. No need to install any furniture that may make your room feel crowded.

2. Wallpaper


How about installing wallpaper for your living room? It can be a good idea to install wallpaper in your living room, besides giving an intriguing look it also make your room seems organized. Playing colour in your living room by mixing the wallpaper colour with sofa’s colour.

3. Like Sunroom


Sometimes, to create a cozy living room in your apartment we don’t need to install any furniture or home decor. All we need is brighten up the room. Thus, we need a room that allows the sunlight goes inside easily.

4. Simple Design


Designing a living room with a simple design can we start by picking the furniture; sofa, coffee table, and rug. Then, to make your living looks more beautiful, you can display wall art decor, greenery season, pillows, and pendant lamp with its unique cage. With the simple design and earthy colour, you would get such a chic living room to your apartment.

5. Greenery Season


We always need a greenery season. It helps us to reduce dirty air and pollution in our living room. Feel free to pick the plants that would be placed in your living room. But, you could also store any kinds of planters that give benefit to our health.

6. No Crowded Room


Another concept to build a cozy living room is to make it looks fresh and bare. Just make your living room look simple by installing furniture only you need. Besides that colour up your room with a colour that makes it bigger.

7. Minimalist Design


This minimalist design is suitable for your apartment that has small space. With a sofa, a floor chair, a table, you would create a minimalist living room. You could display your photo on the wall at varying size then arrange them in any shape to enhance the allure.

8. Install A Unique shelf


Add a unique shelf in your apartment living room is also a great choice. It will ease you to show your collection, your photos, or book collections. Then, to get a more appealing appearance to your living room, add greenery season besides the sofa.

9. Table lamp


Light up your living room with this table lamp. It looks modest yet very marvellous. Not only lighting up your living room it can also adorn your living room. Store it in the space you like, for instance beside the sofa.

10. Mix and Match The Furniture


What do you think if your living room includes any furniture at varying design? It sounds weird or interesting? You may try this idea where you can mix and match the furniture; sofa. For instance, match the sofa with wooden chairs. It will create such a great unity.

Design your living room with beautiful design you desire. Hoping those ideas will help you.



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