How To Array Bedroom with DIY Bedroom Decor

A bedroom is a secret place for everyone. It’s a place to gather, tell stories, share experience and to meet the loved one. To make your bedroom looks pretty and stylish we can array the bedroom with any DIY bedroom decor. Decorating bedroom is crucial sue to it’s a room you will spend all night long.

There are many ways to array your bedroom. Million ideas you can pick to adorn your bedroom with any unique, pretty and eye-catching design. You can DIY bedroom decor with any crafty design, colours and accessories. Here, I would give some DIY bedroom design ideas that will inspire you! Let’s jump!

1. Dress Up with Shelve


Do you need storage to store your collection to your bedroom? Create shelve in a simple design and easy to make. You can make a hexagon shape for your shelve with any varying colours, design and store them on the wall. Feel free to put your collection on this shelve.

2. DIY Yarn Decor


Using yarn to create a bedroom decoration. Most people like to use yarn to make any home decor. With a colourful and fun design you can get this bedroom decor. It’s not expensive and you can DIY this decor at home during your holiday or weekend.

3. Wall Hanging Decor


Made of paper with any various pattern and colour. This wall hanging can attract your bedroom due to its appearance that very sweet. For you girls, this is just for you. Make them in varying height to make it more fun.

4. Photo Tumblr


You could also make a wall hanging for your bedroom. Attach with string light and some your photo collection to make this bedroom decor. Not only photo, add some quotes motivation in it too. Then, store it above your bed or any space you like.

5. Flower Garden


A mirror among the beautiful flower. This decorative wall decor is very incredible where you can find a flower garden in your bedroom. Using faux flower with any fun colour and any kind of flowers has a great unity with the rosy mirror.

6. Seashore Bedroom Decor


To add an ocean-atmosphere into your bedroom you can use artificial starfish to decorate your home. Store them on the wall and combine with string light to add a romantic scene in your bedroom. This decor will light up your bedroom from the string light.

7. Add Storage Under The Bed


It is a great idea to add many storages in your bedroom. Put some boxes under the bed and you can keep your stuff in it without making your room feel crowded. Besides to be used as storage, it will give an intriguing scheme to your bed.

8. Wall Sign Decor


All you need is a fabric and paintbrush. Make this wall decor for your bedroom and write down any messages on the fabric. To make it more delightful and entertaining, you can write in any kind of font style. Then, store this wall decor on the wall space in your bedroom.

9. Kitty Lights


To light up the bedroom, you can add any light in your bedroom. This kitty light makes your bedroom feel cozy and comfy. This kitty light can be made from board or glasses. It will spread out the light.

10. Candle Aromatherapy Holder


Adding aromatherapy in your bedroom using candle aromatherapy. You can install the candle in such an elegant candle holder. Do it yourself using aluminium cans. Make them in a bright colour and in many different size and shape. Then put next to your bed and you will get a cozy and pretty bedroom decor.

Which one of these bedroom decors you will install to your bedroom?



Hi! My name is Olivia! I loved sharing all about home ideas, inspiration for effortless home decorating and interior design.

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