Gorgeous and Chic Rustic Living Room Furniture

Inviting a rustic design in any space in home can be done by installing any furniture. What does rustic mean? Rustic is a style that describes design which is natural, basic, rough, casual and aged. Many rustic styles are very unique and chic. The characteristics of rustic style that is often we see are dark-stained wood, beams, rugged and many of natural fabric.

In this era, we can freely mix and match rustic style with other style (modern, farmhouse or vintage). Thus, we can get a new look design. With the unique and natural beauty of rustic furniture we can get a pretty home decor in any space at home.

One of the most important rooms in our home is the living room. It’s a place we and our guests gather and share everything. To invite a rustic style in this room, we can apply any rustic furniture. So, today, I will share you about some gorgeous and chic rustic living room furniture. For more details, let’s take a look following ideas!

1. Natural Colour

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In rustic style, we can see that most furniture is stained in natural colour. For your living room, the beauty of natural colour can invite rustic style and create such an intriguing ambience in this room. A coffee table, wall decor, sofa and rug is using natural colour. It looks nice and stylish.

2. Old and Rusty

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Another unique style from rustic is old and rusty. Rustic furniture looks rusty and old which is uncommon yet resulting in beauty. For the living room, we can install any old furniture that is incorporated with an old basket to store magazine, photo album or book. Meanwhile, to get a rusty touch, add a rusty vase and put on the table.

3. Include Wood

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Wood is the main element we can install to get a rustic style in our living room. Absolutely, we need a sofa, table, and other furniture to decorate our living room. Installing wooden furniture can be done by storing wooden planter, wooden sofa, wooden coffee table and lots more. It will look old and rustic with the rough texture.

4. Iron Material

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Besides, iron material also will help you to invite a rustic feel in your living room. Any kind of rustic furniture made of iron material. No need to store all furniture in iron material, we can only install some of them. For instance, the ceiling lamp, the table, and other furniture.

5. Linen Fabric

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The most common furniture we find in rustic style is using linen fabric. You can find and buy any furniture made of linen in the furnishing store. In the living room, we can install the sofa, the table and pillowcase that is made of the linen fabric. With the beauty of natural colour and linen fabric, we can get a gorgeous rustic living room.

6. Modern Style

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Though rustic is about old, rusty and natural, we could also incorporate with modern style. In this living room, we can see the use of wooden cabinetry with modern design and simple colour. To get more rustic feel we can store some accessories like wool fabric, rusty basket, or any old-fashioned decoration.

7. Brick Material

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A wall built of bricks can create an old-fashioned and natural ambience. Besides that, brick also shows a rough and old style that has a bold and straight texture. To complete the look put rustic furniture made of wooden, stone or iron. Feel free to choose what furniture for our living room.

8. Natural Touch

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Encouraging a natural touch is not always about stone, wood or iron material. We can add greenery season as well. Many greenery season we can store and put in the furniture. For instance, we can add wreath, flowers, or dried branches in the furniture.

9. All in One

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Combining stone, iron and wood material in your living room. The ceiling fan is from iron material looks old-fashioned yet antique. With wooden table and fireplace mantel stone will make your rustic living room creates a warm and homey mood.

Let’s try to invite a rustic style by installing old-fashioned, rusty and rugged furniture in your living room. Try it now!



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