Warm and Homely Kitchen Makeover Ideas

How to make your kitchen feel cozy, warm and homely. For some people, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in their home, especially for those who like cooking or a housewife. They will spend almost their time in the kitchen. What should we do to create such a warm and homely kitchen?

Million kitchen makeover ideas you can apply to your kitchen. It is not easy yet not difficult too in beautifying your kitchen. It’s optional for you, whether you will makeover your kitchen in any design and decoration in modern, rustic or countryside style. Well, today I will show you some kitchen makeover ideas that inspire you. Let’s take a peek.

1. Rustic Vibe

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A kitchen makeover can be done from the little things in the kitchen. You don’t need to change or dress up all components in your kitchen. For instance, if you want to add a rustic vibe, you could any rustic furniture in your kitchen. Rustic style is always about wood, stone, iron and natural. Adding stone as the countertops and iron kitchen chair will help you to invite rustic vibe in your kitchen.

2. Hanging Scone Pendant Lamp

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Another way to dress up the kitchen is by lighting up this room. We need to install a chic kitchen lighting, like these three hanging scone pendant lamps. Looking simple and lovable design from the lamps with its great combination from gold and black colour.

3. Grey Kitchen Decor

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For those who like cool and elegant colour, you can colour up the kitchen with grey colour. The countertops, wall, rug, cabinetry are designed in grey colour. This kitchen looks organized, clean and not crowded. To make your kitchen always seem neat and clean, you can store your kitchen appliances in the cabinetry.

4. Beauty and Natural

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Meanwhile, the kitchen should be cozy and comfy. For dressing up the kitchen with any kind natural design you can use the wooden kitchen table and an iron kitchen chair. No need to stain up the table, just let it in its natural colour, it’s such a great paired with the simple design. Looking incredible with baby breath on the table.

5. Marble Countertops

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This marble countertop looks expensive in your kitchen. This marble material is one of the durable and affordable material. Besides, the white colour of this countertops also affects your kitchen appearance. The advantage of this marble countertops is you will get a clean, elegant kitchen yet you don’t need to cost much money.

6. Parquet Flooring

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If you feel bored in tile flooring, you can change your floor with parquet flooring. It has many advantages in installing parquet flooring to your kitchen, it is decorative, elegant and creates a warm ambience. Though the cost is a bit expensive, yet it resulting in chic and beauty.

7. Tile Wall Decor

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Looking sleek, clean, and airy which is the very cozy and homey kitchen for us. Installing tile you in your kitchen will make your kitchen feel clean and also luxurious. Choose the earthy colour for the tile and pair with ceiling, countertop, and wall paint.

8. Add Shelving

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Adding shelve in the kitchen can be a good idea. Another way to put the kitchen utensil, glassware or dishware. Meanwhile, if you have many recipe book, you could also store them on the shelve. Build the shelve beneath the countertops, so it will not consume much space in the kitchen.

9. Wallpaper

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Installing wallpaper in the kitchen also creates something different. For those who like floral or any pattern in their room, this concept can be followed. No need to install wallpaper in your kitchen, just install in the space you need. 

Which one of these kitchen makeovers do you like the most? You can makeover your kitchen now!



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