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Do you like flower? What kind of flower you will plant at your home? Tons of flower you can opt to colour up your home. Now, it’s time to plant one or some flowers in your yard. Give your home a beauty touches from flower you choose. If you feel bored and want to see something new and colourful, you may replace your previous plant with these flower. For more detailed, please look at these following ideas.

1. Plant Any Kinds Of Flower

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Colour up your yard with these flowers. You may choose any kind of flowers you like. It’s elective, whether you want to plant them in the pot or just in the soil freely.

2. Purple Touchy

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Plant purple flower in your front yard. There are plenty of purple flower you can plant in your front yard or back yard, like lavender, verbena, clematis, bellflower, dwarf iris, orchid, balloon flower, catmint, salvia, allium and lots more.

3. Mum Flower

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This flower is one of the prettiest varieties of parennials. They bloom early in the autumn. When the fall comes, you can grow this flower in your yard and get the beautiful result.

4. White and Pink Combination

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If you like to see something fresh, pretty and cozy in your yard, follow this idea to get what you demand. Planting any kind of flowers to get the best unity sometimes is hard to be handled. Yet, try this one! Combine the colour of flower only in two different colours. It looks wonderful for sure.

5. Tulip

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Grow and care for tulip flower at your home. This flower only can be planted in the spring. It’s the most popular flower of all time. People like this flowers cause it’s pretty and it has many colours.

6. Rose

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There are over three hundred species of rose. If you want to get a romantic feel this flower is the best choice for you. Rose is a symbol of love, friendship, enthusiasm, purity and joy. All those symbols depend on the colour.

7. White of Purity

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Do you look for white flower for summer? I will give you an idea. Hydrangea flower. This flower symbolize gratitude and heartfelt emotion. Many people use this flower in their wedding due to its meaning.

8. Daisy

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Daisy is very well-known flower in this world, especially among the gardener and florist. They come in a variety of colours. This flowers commonly found in summer. Plant this flower in your backyard or front yard to get a fresh look and beautiful as well.

If you want to brighten up your every season, those flower can help you. Fill your days with flowers, no matter the occasion, you will find the great fit.



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