10 Top M&M’S Christmas Cookie Bars You Can Try At Home

Sweet, creamy and yummy. Whenever you go, you will find this cutie cookies bar, especially in this Christmas. Invite your kids to make this dessert for your Christmas. It’s very easy to make it. By adding M&M’s candies will make your cookies look more delicious. Particularly kids that love candy and chocolate so much. These are some recipes you may try at home. Let’s get started!

1. Traditional Christmas Cookies

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Red, green and white are the best colours for your Christmas, even for the dessert. To make these cookies, you need to mix M&M’S in three colours. Remember, don’t over-bake!

2. Chewy Cookies Bar

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Mix your M&M’s cookies bar with brown choco chips. Spread them on the top then press them softly. If you like crisp edges and soft centre they are special for you!

3. Brown Cookies Bar

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It’s time to satisfy your cookies. You can combine with ordinary M&M for these cookies. You can also bake a little longer than for crispier cookies.

4. Sprinkle M&M Cookies Bar

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Spread love in Christmas spreads sprinkle in your cookies. There are many topping you can blend with M&M anyway. Adding sprinkle on the top of the cookies with M&M will make it more delicious and kids will like it.

5. Thick Cookies

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Want them puffier and thicker? You should freeze the dough thirty minutes to one hour. Then press the M&M into the top dough. Remember, don’t press them so hard.

6. Mint Chocolate Cookie Bar

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Do wanna try something freeze? Make your cookies bar by adding mint candies. Be free with the M&M’s that are going on top.

7. Oreo Cookie Bar

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Oreo cookie bar for your kids. It sounds delicious. Mix some M&M’s with Oreo crash into the dough. When your kids bite them, it feels wonderful.

8. Rainbow M&M Cookies Bar

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Make the cookies bar like a rainbow. Spread holiday M&M on the top softly. If you want crisp edges don’t over-bake. So, don’t wait until these cookies over-bake.

9. Christmas Magic Cookies Square

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Feeling bored with round or scoop cookies bar? Try this Christmas cookies square. It’s very simple and effortless to make. Put the dough in the pan, spread M&M and cookies too then oven it.

10. Christmas Bark With Red Velvet

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Red velvet for Christmas bark? Why not! The combination from ordinary M&M, mint candies and chocolate is tasty. It won’t stop you to bite them more and more.

What’re you waiting for? Such delightful dessert for your Christmas! Even you can give them as Christmas gift. Try it!



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