Everlasting Boho DIY Living Room Decor

Looking for bohemian living room decoration? You’re in the right place. Inviting Boho feel to your living room is not as complicated as you think. Plenty of home decor you can find. Especially, if you have an idea to DIY your living room decor. The characteristic of Boho decoration is bright, bold and colourful. These following ideas can inspire you to create Boho DIY living room decor.

1. DIY Colourful Features

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Creating a Boho chic in your living room with any decoration in a colourful theme. You can mix and match the colour. For instance, you choose a blue sofa then you could also throw some pillow on it in a variety of pattern and colours.

2. DIY Fascinating Pillow

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To invite Boho touch in your living room is by throwing pillows in your sofa. You can discover any pillowcase. You can buy the fabric on the market then sewing by yourself. Make them in variety of size and pattern to get a Boho chic in your living room.

3. DIY Wall Art Decoration

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Next, you also need to decor your wall with these stylish frames that you can DIY. Creating such a pretty frame by drawing any pattern on it. Feel free to draw on your frame because it’s yours. After that put your family portrait on this frame or if you have another photo collection you can put on it too.

4. DIY Rattan Rug

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For those who like rattan, it can be a great idea to make a beautiful rug from rattan. You can DIY it and create such an incredible rug. You don’t need to colour up the rug, this rug place in the first layer before storing another rug. It will give you something different in your living room.

5. DIY Hanging Lamp

Source: decorits.com

Do you need to light up your living room? Create your Boho hanging lamp by yourself. You can make them using paper (you can choose the colour) and it’ll look like a lantern. To hang this lamp, you can use rope.

6. DIY Table Decoration

Source: jihanshanum.com

If you feel crowded when you store a coffee table in your living room, you can follow this idea. Without a table, you can decorate it by placing a big tray then add some greenery on it. It looks a bit different but resulting in an appealing look in your living room.

7. DIY Table Planter

Source: jaredpandora.com

To make a natural touch in your Bohemian living room, you can create a table planter by sing rattan or straw. This table planter has holders, thus you can move it easily. Store your plants on it then place on your table.

8. DIY Sofa

Source: pinterest.it

Need something different in your Bohemian living room, you can create this sofa. This sofa has no legs, so you just place it on the floor directly. It is comfortable and soft. You can make it in a different colour as well.

9. DIY Floating Shelf

Source: pinterest.ru

To store your collection, your cacti and other decoration you can make this floating shelf. It will not make your room looks crowded and also it is easy to make. Using a wooden board that already coloured and use the rope to hang it on.

10. DIY Brown Cabinet

Source: pinterest.es

If you don’t like to show off your album collection, you could create a cabinet to hide them up. It includes much storage and you can feel free to keep your stuff on it. The design is chic and earthy.

Well, take your time to decorate your living room and make it as incredible as you can. 



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