10 Homemade Christmas Presents That Mean So Much

It’s time to Christmas gift cross. Does anyone already prepare for this event? You must do it now! We’ve collected some ideas for you if you haven’t made it. Whether it is for your friends, family, teacher or the loved one you must gift them the best gift ever. If you give them your homemade presents I bet they will cherish it. Don’t waste your time, let’s check it out!

1. Sugar Scrub for Your Teacher

Source: how-do-it.com

Making homemade present is always fun and interesting. This sugar scrub is easy yet useful. If you like, you can make it in any different colours. Or just take one colour that you like. They are formulated with sugar granules that help to exfoliate that dead skin cell buildup. It’ll create the look of smoother and glowing skin.

2. Cutie Wrap Paper Gift

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Being confused to wrap your gift? This idea can help you to make it. You can pick some paper wrap that you like then add some accessories to beautify it. Make some Christmas character like reindeer, Santa or another character you like.

3. Cake Filled Mason Jar

Source: browsyouroom.com

Everyone likes sweets. Everyone like cake. Especially for this cake. If you like cooking and baking you can cook some tasty food or bake cake for Christmas gift. This cake consists of some layers, white, chocolate, then on the top spread choco chips.

4. Christmas Fragrance

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Sending such a beautiful gift is not always about giving the loved one jewellery. Even this one can be your choice. Many people like this gift, especially to get Christmas to feel in their home

5. Candy Crush

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Making candy with your kids is a fun activity. This candy is sweet and yummy. Your kids can give them to their friends or teacher as a Christmas gift. To invite kids you can spread crushed candy on the top.

6. Mulling Spices

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Winter is coming. When the weather turns cold spice up your wine with mulling spices. Mulling spices can likewise be used in place of spices in baking. Giving mulling spices for your neighbour, friends or family can be best ides. So, pick this one!

7. School Christmas Gifts

Source: boardrelease.com

As a teacher, you can also give your students present at Christmas. Due to its very special day and also to the welcome holiday you can give them school stuff, cake, or candy.

8. Delicious Pastry

Source: kebaya.org

Have you ever thought to give pastry as Christmas gift? Don’t be afraid, this pastry is simple to make. You must to make sure that the oven has reached the correct temperature and cool working condition. After that, pack them in plastic then complete with strawberry jam.

9. Homemade Pop

Source: recipepes.com

Three words for this pop, cute, sweet and yummy. Having them on Christmas day will invite your kids to come close for sure. Made from a chocolate, candy cane, then add eyes and candy button will create a character. Place them in the jar and add ribbon.

10. Cookies and Biscuits

Source: mykinglist.com

Besides, cookies and biscuit will be the most favourite dessert in your table. If you are in a hurry you may buy these cookies and biscuits. But, if you want to make them yourself it’ll be better.

Which one do you prefer? Cookies, candies, sugar scrub, or the others? Hoping these concepts will help you!



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