10 Incredible Popsicle That Fun and Easy To Make by Kids

The holiday is coming. We should prepare something beneficial and fun for our kiddos. Because Christmas is coming closer too, you also need to make Christmas decoration. How about making an incredible craft from Popsicle with your kids? It’s affordable and your kids will enjoy it. Check out of these ideas!

1.Photo Frame

Source: madetobeamomma.com

Invite your kids to make such an inspiring thing from Popsicle. This photo frame is made from Popsicle that already stained in any different colours. To make them more eye-catching, spread glitter on it then stick your family photo on it.

2. Christmas Tree Ornaments

Source: crafting-news.com

This is Popsicle craft that very adorable. It includes Popsicle that stained in three different colours, yellow, blue and black. Then add fabric to make his hat.

3. Reindeer Popsicle

Source: funfamilycrafts.com

Create the reindeer Christmas ornament from Popsicle. First, you need to stain them in brown colour. After that make this craft in a triangle shape. Add googly eyes, cotton ball, and ribbon.

4. Mrs. Hat Popsicle

Source: smekalo4ka.ru

This charming Popsicle just made easily. The hat consists of two colours, red and black. You can add button and also leaves from flannel as the accessories. You can ask your kids to hang them in the three or on the door too.

5. Reindeer and Friends

Source: 99decorate.com

There are many Christmas character you can make for Christmas decoration or craft. These crafts ease your kids to make. All you need is Popsicle, cotton ball (in different colours), snowflake paper, googly eyes, flannel and a little garland. Then, make the character your kids wish.

6. Christmas Tree

Source: amanda.palmiraduger.top

This cute Christmas craft is for you. Your kids will be interesting with this craft for sure. You need to cut the Popsicle in any different size to make the tree. Besides, you can also stain them. It can be a gift for their friends, neighbour or family.

7. Drawing Popsicle Craft

Source: firefliesandmudpies.com

How about drawing some character on the Popsicle? It’s a great idea. It looks very amazing, so invite your kids to make it. As always, stain them first, then arrange them. Ask your kid to draw character they like.

8. Door Decoration

Source: sk.pinterest.com

In front of your kid’s door need to be decorated. You don’t need to buy such an expensive thing to adorn your kid’s door. Ask him to make this incredible craft. This charming includes Popsicle, cotton balls, cane, and rope to hang it on.

9. Angles Christmas Ornament

Source: christmas.fromhappylove.space

As we know there are angles in Christmas. We can make angles Christmas ornament from Popsicle. Combine with origami paper to make the wings. You also need glitter to make it brighter.

10. Smiley Popsicle Craft

Source: ideaboz.com

This craft is the simplest one. It’s really fun to make this, all you need is Popsicle, buttons in many different colours and size, ribbon, and brush pen to draw any pattern on it.

Which one do you like the most? The first, second or all you like? Inviting children to explore their creativity in this holiday season is not hard, you can use any things around you. So, try now with your kids at home!



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