10 Knitting Christmas Gift For The Loved One

The weather is turning cooler. It makes me so happy. I can do my hobby along on my holiday. I have prepared some wonderful Christmas gift for my family, friends and the loved one. I knitted some things for them. Do you make your own Christmas gift? Whether these Christmas gift for neighbour, family, boyfriends, or employee you can do it by yourself. I love knitting and they’re s simple to make. Let’s check these out!

1. Adorable Knit Dwarf

Source: loadcontext.blogspot.com

This cute knit dwarf is very easy to make. You only to know the basic stitches and it includes a hat that very attractive. You can give them as Christmas gift for your kids, nephew, or neighbour.

2. Christmas Card Holder Ornament

Source: losingsleepcountingsheep.blogspot.com

It always wonders if your Christmas tree full of ornament. You can make by knitting this Santa sock ornament. Besides, this can be such a card holder too.

3. Hand Knit Card Holder

Source: pinterest.ru

If you have ever knitted a cardholder, it’s probably the simplest things in this universe to work up and they are so fast to make for Christmas gift. Anyone would be very happy about receiving them!

4. Sweater Knit Ornament

Source: pinterest.ru

There is nothing more special at Christmas than making such incredible ornaments. You can do anything to make them. By knitting, many things for this special day will make this day more memorable.

5. Santa Clause Decoration

Source: pinterest.ru

Anyone will adore these cutie Santa. Now, you could easy to make these Santa decorations. These include a hat, beard and cloak.

6. Candle Holders

Source: tadyjemoje.cz

For sure, you need a candle holder on any occasion, especially this Christmas day. If you couldn’t go any store to buy it, you can make them yourself by knitting. There are three colours you can choose, grey, red or white. Then you can add any accessories if you like.

7. DIY Knitted Hat

Source: za.pinterest.com

Because the weather is so cool, you need to cover your head anyway. This knitted hat is easy to make and you can do it during the holiday. If you have teenagers, you can make it as their Christmas gift.

8. Hand Knit Pillowcase

Source: casaydiseno.com

This hand knit pillowcase includes a pouch that goes on the front. I use white colour for this special pillowcase. In the pocket, you can add ribbon to make it prettier. If you want to make in another colour surely you can do it.

9. Christmas Knit Cup Coffee

Source: pinterest.pt

Do you like coffee? This is a perfect gift for those who like coffee. These knit cups work up so fast, then to get Christmas to feel add any accessories like snowflake, cane, or tree on it. You could also make them in any various colours.

10. Simple Knit Hat

Source: 123ru.net

The great thing about this hat is the colour and pattern. The combined green, brown, grey and white are perfect unity. The pattern is also very interesting, you could find trees on it.

So, if you’re ready to make it do it now! You’ll make many wonderful Christmas gift for the loved one. It takes no time and makes your holiday more fun!



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