10 Of Inspiring Birdseed Christmas Tree Ornaments

Do you want to build Christmas ornament by seeds? If you interested in making this Christmas ornament, we’ve something for you. It’s easy and affordable to make, then you can make in any shape you like. Below some suggestions that inspire you to create it. Not only for Christmas tree ornament, you can also make them decorate in another space in your home. Let’s get started!

1. The Nature Birdseed Ornament

Source: thegreenhead.com

Green is connected with nature and it’s very fresh, even it very supports the leaves’ colour. Stain the seeds with green colour and red or purple, then combine them.

2. A Stick Birdseed

Source: totallandscapecare.com

This stick ornament you can create by using two kinds of birdseed. You may have any choices to create birdseed ornaments. It has fun colour and you can store it on the tree without using rope.

3. Cake Birdseed Ornament

Source: pinpresso.club

If you like something delicious like dessert, you may create this one. A cake shaped from birdseed that very inviting bird to come. Formed like a cupcake and look very delicious.

4. People Birdseed Ornament

Source: thegreenhead.com

It looks like gingerbread, but it’s not gingerbread anyway. Making these simple ornaments is very easy. You can use cake mould then fill with birdseed to make this ornament.

5. Fruit Birdseed Ornament

Source: farmersmarketonline.com

A new look for your Christmas tree by applying fruits on it. If you’re confused about how to get fruit ornament, you can make this fruit bird seed ornament. Scoop the birdseed into the same size, and you can give them diverse colour. Hang them on the tree using the rope.

6. Wreath Birdseed Ornament

Source: crnobelo.com

Another way to invite a pretty decoration in your Christmas is by installing a wreath. If you feel bored with the ordinary wreath you should try this. It ‘s very interesting and unique. A wreath from birdseed that can adore your outdoor space.

7. A Snowman Birdseed

Source: seakettle.com

To array your outdoor space by building a snowman can be made from birdseed too. Make three balls in different size, then the hat with another kind of seed. After finished it, add branches like the hand.

8. Round Birdseed Ornament

Source: hello-homebody.com

This is the simple one. Round birdseed is very easy to make. Make them in round shape from cake mould. You can hang them on the tree as soon as possible if you already did.

9. Star Birdseed Ornament

Source: thimblesbobbinspaperandink.blogspot.com

Every Christmas tree has a star. It can be made from metal, wood, or birdseed too. As the other ornaments, this star Christmas ornament you can make by using cake mould. If you don’t want to store it in your Christmas tree you can put in another way, for instance as the outdoor decoration then hang it on the branch

10. Various Birdseed Ornaments

Source: recipeler.com

Make the birdseed in any different shape will be very fun. The cake mould is very various, you can use them to make the Christmas ornaments from birdseed. Maybe you can have another idea to make this birdseed ornaments more adorable by using another shape.

It is easy to make these Christmas ornaments right? The more you try the more you can create the best birdseed ornaments.



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