10 Simple and Easy Pointed Origami Star Christmas Ornament

Folding pointed origami star for Christmas ornament is easy to make. It’s a beautiful decoration that everyone can make by themselves. In this article there some pointed origami star that made from a magazine, scrapbook paper, sheet of music or you can make it from anything that lying around. Here are photos that inspire you!

1. Lovely Origami Star

Source: pinterest.com

There some pointed origami star that you can pick. With different pattern and various shape of the star can be fun. It’s challenging to make them at the same time. Then, to hang them put the ribbon on the topper.

2. Simple Origami Star

Source: diyfunworld.blogspot.com

If you have a book that you already waste, don’t throw it away. Take the page then make it this pointed origami star. Try to hang them in tree or space that you demand.

3. Sheet of Music

Source: dekoration.futbaby.com

This origami star not only can be hung on, but you also can put them as the table centrepiece. These pointed origami stars use sheet music to make.

4. Polka Dot

Source: rock-cafe.info

If you have another choice to make this origami star, you may use a polka dot pattern. You can buy this paper at the store, or you can make the polka dot by drawing on it then spread glitter on the top.

5. Mix and Match

Source: pinterest.at

Try this! Mixing book page pointed origami star with red origami paper. If you want to make something different in your house you may have this.

6. Eight-Pointed Star

Source: decomagz.com

Origami eight-pointed star. This cute pointed origami star looks difficult, but you can make it easily by following the instruction.

7. Five Pointed Star

Source: speechfoodie.com

Hang this in your Christmas tree. This Christmas tree decoration is very intriguing for you. You don’t need to but Christmas ornament, just take your paper or the cover if needed, then fold them.

8. Christmas Tree Topper

Source: pinterest.se

If you need to adorn your Christmas tree with a star, you can make this pointed origami star. It’s not always red, you can also choose in another colour, like green, blue, white or yellow.

9. Polka Dot and Stripe Patterns

Source: pinterest.com.au

Take a peek with this photo. Polka dot and stripes is always an interesting pattern. You can combine these pattern with another colour to make the pointed origami star. Then, you can stick them on the wall, door or hang them on the ceiling.

10. Wrapped In Rope

Source: pinterest.com.au

Wrapping you pointed origami star with these various rope. There are blue, green, yellow, orange and red. After folding the star you could wrap the star with these rope. Don’t forget to hang them on the place that people can see.

It’s your turn to make it. You can share with us if you have another idea. Good luck!



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