10 Stunning Christmas Calendar for Kids That Easy To Make

Kids love Christmas for obvious reason. You can keep up the spirit of Christmas by creating advent calendars. There are so many ways to make your Christmas fun and special. Advent calendars is easy, simple, fun and effortless for you who are very busy. For more detailed information please take a look at these ideas.

1. Beno Bear Advent Calendar

Source: libridacqua.eu

This calendar is very helpful. In each envelope, your kids can fill with their activity on that day. It’s also very interesting where you can put a reminder or schedule in it. Hang them on the wall with a wooden clip.

2. Snowflake Advent Calendar

Source: no.pinterest.com

There are more than tons of surprise loaded in this pouch. With the snowflake pattern and the combine of red and white colours are very attractive. You can make it at home then let your kids keep their toys in it.

3. Home Sweet Home Advent Calendar

Source: blog.unicoatings.net

It’ s very unique advent calendar. Open and close the small door. You can put some things in it too. Then place in the right space that can be reached by your kids.

4. Red Wooden Advent Calendar

Source: pinterest.ru

Made by wooden that stained with red colour is very suitable with Christmas themed. Due to its colours is the traditional colour of Christmas you can add other things that fit with the other traditional colours like green and white. Add some small tree and snowy house in the top.

5. Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

Source: pinterest.es

It’s Christmas tree, not Calendar. Oh, wait a moment! It’s an Advent Calendar right? Ya, this is advent calendar that turns into Christmas tree. Don’t forget to place a star on the topper of a tree.

6. Creative Boxes Advent Calendar

Source: papercreationsbykristin.blogspot.com

Having many unused boxes and want to reuse them, just take this idea. Turn your unused boxes into an advent calendar. Then, create the date using colour paper in any different colours, red and green.

7. Santa Advent Calendar

Source: barbdelollis.com

Using paper and draw Santa on it then put the date. You can make a round shape to make the date then stick on the paper. Don’t forget to hang it on the wall by using ribbon.

8. Toys Advent Calendar

Source: topfashion.megastoore.com

Santa is coming. Kids are waiting for him. Because kids like him so much, you can create a Santa advent calendar for your kids. The most interesting from this advent calendar is your kids can put their toys in the every pouch.

9. Hanging Advent Calendar

Source: watonmuni.com

Simple, easy to make but amazing. Creating this advent calendar by using some cutie envelope that kids will like is a good idea. Besides, it’s another way to decorate your home in this Christmas. Make any animal characters like, wolf, dog, penguin or tree then hang them on in the branch.

10. Turn Your Box into Christmas Tree

Source: igotlockedout.com

As I mentioned before, you can make a faux Christmas tree and advent calendar at the same time. You can make this advent calendar by using boxes in any different size and shape. Then form them become a tree and don’t forget to put a star on the top.

It’s Christmastime, it’s time to make any kind of fun and special craft, decoration in your home. So, don’t waste your time and make it as soon as possible.



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