10 Awesome Nail Art For Christmas Day

It’s time to beautify your nail. Not only your house that should be adorned, but you also should beautify yourself, even your nail. Every girl likes to do this. Having pretty nails, especially for this special occasion. Here are several ideas for you while waiting for Christmas.

1. Christmas Themed

Source: pinterest.ru

Update your nail art with this pretty one. In your Christmas day, you can make your nail in Christmas themed. There are many choices you can pick. But, this one is always the favourite.

2. Coordinating Floral and Stripes

Source: tr.pinterest.com

It’s time for you to switch your nail into this beautiful nail art. Try to make something new by mixing floral and stripes in your nail. The red colour keeps it looking gorgeous.

3. Santa, Olaf and Friends

Source: muz1.tv

It’s always fun inviting Santa, Olaf and friends at Christmas. This adorable nail art is for you girls that want something adorable and stunning.

4. Festive Santa

Source: inewhub.blogspot.com

This Santa is artsier. Then, there is also another pattern like stripes, polka dot and the basic colour. The colour is really fun.

5. Glittering Snowman

Source: weheartnails.com

Spreading glitter in any craft is very fun, this one too. This nail art includes glitter in two different colour, snowflakes, and snowman. The colours are very cute.

6. Snowy Nail

Source: pinterest.fr

Inviting snow touch in nail art, why not? It looks great whether on long nails or short nails. The result is cool like snow.

7. Winter

Source: pinterest.de

Take a winter manicure like in this design. Step up your blue glitter by painting a pretty snow background. Then add snowflake on it.

8. Light Nail Art

Source: pinterest.ru

It looks clean and eye-catching by inviting light on your nail. You don’t need another pattern on your nail, it’s already stunning and pretty.

9. Shimmering Winter

Source: postila.ru

Celebrate the winter by doing a fun gradient pattern with white snowflake and red colour. This cool, you may take patients but the result is amazing.

10. Shades of Pink

Source: northpole.com

You may think of pink or rosy when it comes to winter. As mentioned before, celebrating winter by a fun gradient. You can have in this pink colour too.

Whatever you dream of your favourite nail art design, these are can be inspiring ideas for you. Or you can recreate on your own too.



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