10 Best DIY Christmas Gifts Your Family Can Enjoy

Sometimes, creating Christmas gifts is not easy, so many people prefer to buy them on the market. Whereas, if you can DIY for such a lovely Christmas gift you’ll feel satisfied. So, here, I’ll help you to make Christmas gift, especially you can DIY. You can use many things around you by reusing, recycling or just adorn them.

1. Burlap Pot

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Give your indoor with natural touch by opting some planters. This idea comes up when I saw unused burlap, so I Decide to make something beautiful from this thing. Make a pot form burlap then set them in the lantern. It’ll make your indoor space look chic and fresh.

2. Themed Basket Gift

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If your family like cooking, you could give them with this gift, a themed basket gift. Put any kinds of cooking utensil in the basket. You could also give some meals. The basket made from rattan and it gives a natural touch.

3. Wrap Up Your Holiday

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Do you ever think to give your family tape for Christmas gift? It may be uncommon to send this stuff for your family, but you can give a bit different gift for them this year.

4. Candy Plate

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Making candy plate is a good idea. You can make it at home and send them to your family. If you have nephew and niece, it’ll be a favourite gift for them. Attach the candy until it creates a plate.

5. Homemade Gift

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Spicy Citrus Vodka, Chai Vodka, Cucumber Tarragon Vodka. These are homemade. Put them in different bottle jar with ribbon to adorn them. You can send them for Christmas gift for your family.

6. Gingerbread

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Gingerbread is always intriguing in every occasion, especially Christmas. They are simple and easy to make, even you could make them during your holiday. Put them in a mason jar or using box then sending to your family.

7. Adorable Chocolate Gift

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Wrap the chocolate by opting Santa, Reindeer, Olaf and friends. Use brown, white, red, black and orange paper to build them. You also need ribbon, star ornament and a gold marker. Wrap the chocolate in any character I mentioned before.

8. M&M Bulbs

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It may be a great idea using the bulb to put M&M candy for Christmas gift. Buy holiday M&M in five flavour ( chocolate almond, mint chocolate, mocha, raspberry almond, and tripe chocolate; milk, dark, and white chocolate) on the market. After that, put t them in the faux bulb hang them on the ribbon. Sending this gift using a lovely box to the loved one.

9. Covered Mason Jar

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Sending your family with some delicious cookies in a mason jar is a good idea. Make the mason jars look more pretty and warm in this cool season. You can create such intriguing covered mason jar during the holiday.

10. Santa and Elf

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This charming Santa and Elf gift is for you. Get the green pot on the market then install ref flannel with the bell on the pot. Fill the pot with chocolate that everyone will love it, particularly kiddos.

Christmastime is already coming. But, it’s not too late to give your family Christmas gifts. Thus, take consideration which gift you will send to them. Hopefully, these ideas can help you!



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