10 Cheap and Easy Christmas Wreath From Repurposed Wire Hanger

You want to make such elegant Christmas decoration while you are in a tight budget. Don’t worry. Here, I will share some cheap and easy Christmas decoration, especially wreath that may inspire you. You can repurpose all the things around you, for instance, a wire hanger. Is it possible to use wire hanger to make such a beautiful wreath? Yes, you can! So, for more detailed, you can see these following ideas.

1. Blue Ribbon Wreath

Source: roseandgrey.co.uk

When you reuse your wire hanger to make this wreath is a great idea. It’ll keep your money. You need some kind of blue ribbon. Tie them neatly in the hanger after that hang the wreath on the door.

2. Clothespins

Source: pinterest.ru

Using clothespins, seals, and sea star to adorn your wreath. To get these pretty clothespins you want to buy the coloured clothespins or stained them by yourself. Clip the clothespins in the hanger then put the seals and sea star on it.

3. Greenery Wreath

Source: pinterest.se

If you don’t like crowded wreath you can have this wreath. You only need a wire hanger then put faux greenery on it. You can choose any kind of greenery you like.

4. Winter Wreath

Source: pinterest.com

You will be surprised when you know that this pretty winter wreath is from wirehouse. Make sure you make the wreath as neat as you can, then use faux snowflakes to get winter touchy. To hang it on the door use ribbon.

5. Santa Wreath

Source: pinterest.com

Besides, you could use ball Christmas ornament to make such a festive wreath. Many balls ornament in any various pattern you can buy. Mix with another ornament, like faux pine cone and then put Santa hat on the topper.

6. Use Tableclothes

Source: maps.gas.lipetsk.ru

This wreath is cheap even you don’t need to spend your money to make it. All you need is a wire hanger, unused tablecloths, and some ball ornaments. Cut the tablecloths in the same size, tie them in the wire hanger and the last is putting the balls ornaments on it.

7. Pine Cones Wreath

Source: sassytrash.blogspot.com

This charming wreath made of a wire hanger and pine cones. To get this sweet wreath you don’t need to get lost the top of the hanger. After arranging the pine cones in the hanger then hang it on the wall. If other wreaths need hook and nook, you don’t need to use them. Just hang it on the wall freely using the top part of the hanger.

8. Make A Simple Wreath

Source: cutoutandkeep.net

Creating a wreath for Christmas decoration is not hard for all of us. Take your wire hanger and add natural touch by using greenery plants. Store it in your living room or your favourite space.

9. Holly Wreath

Source: pinterest.com

Create your crafty wreath in a curly style. To get a holly and jolly feel, add a bird, cross and another accessory to your wreath. It is a very unique wreath. To get an elegant touch to add pearl in the cross. It’ll be a very wonderful Christmas decoration.

10. Create A Unique Wreath

Source: etsy.com

The spirit of Christmas will never end, it’s lasting forever. To impress your guests you can start when they open the door. So, you need something appealing in your door. This wreath is a good choice. It’s made from any kind of fabric. Attach them in the wire hanger until they completely cover the hanger. Then, put it on your door.

Which one do you like the most? The first one, the second or the last one? Choose that fit with your style, and you may improve by yourself.



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