10 DIY Dollar Christmas Decorations That Will Never Break Your Bank

Get lost expensive Christmas ornaments and lighting and make your own Christmas Decoration. It’s effortless and affordable, surely it will not break your bank account. Make sure you have any unused things that ready to be repurposed into such incredible Christmas decorations. With those DIY dollar Christmas decoration, you’ll get cash left over for the rest of your shopping list.

1. Create Santa-Themed Christmas Tree

Source: domoholic.ru

All you need is cups, string light, hot glue gun and glue. Using cups to make this crafty Christmas tree and glue each the cups. Make them into a tree and add string light on the tree, so it’ll look incredible and bright. For Christmas party put them in the living room for a festive night light.

2. Make Advent Calendar

Source: shedoesevents.blogspot.com

Using a bag of brown paper bag you can make this DIY advent calendar. Write down the date using a marker or pen and also hang them on the rope with clothespins. You also need a big board to set them in your room.

3. Build A Snow Globe

Source: amber-oliver.com

You need a bottle brush to make the tree. Then, you also need faux snow, dollar plastic snow globe. hot glue, and a glue gun. Use hot-glue to attach the bottle brush to the base of the snow globe. Furthermore, fill with faux snow in the base.

4. A Snow Globe Mason Jar

Source: decomg.com

Fill the mason jar with faux snow in the base then add a tree. After dressing up the jar, hang it on the tree using hemp rope or another kind of rope. You could also stick a sticker on the jar. This festive Christmas ornament is very appealing and you don’t need to worry that your kids will break it because the jar is made from plastic.

5. Light Bulb Christmas Ornaments

Source: guide.alibaba.com

You need, light bulb, a paintbrush, glitter (in any various colour or your favourite colours), hot glue gun, glue and leather rope. Use the paintbrush to apply the layer then dump with glitter on it. When it completely dry attach a leather rope to the neck and hang it on the tree.

6. Turn A Ball Ornament Into A Santa

Source: in.pinterest.com

All you need is red Christmas tree, white and black glitter paper, black ribbon, hot glue and a craft knife. Cut the paper using a craft knife. Attach the black ribbon with white glitter paper. If you finished, hang it on the tree.

7. Gold Jingle Bell

Source: jenniferrizzo.com

You can make this glory jingle bell for your Christmas centrepiece. You need many jingle bell, glitter, hot glue gun, and glue. This beautiful jingle bell is very looking incredible. You can store them on the plate and set in your table.

8. Dollar Pumpkin Christmas Decor

Source: thecottagemarket.com

Using a mini pumpkin to make this decoration. You need faux leaves, berries and card that written your family name on it. Store it in your dining table above the table clothes.

9. Simple Snowman Candle

Source: aminka.xyz

Using a white candle, black and orange colour paper, and faux hand. Make eyes, buttons with black paper then a nose with the orange paper. Don’t forget to add a smiley face on it, add the faux hand, and paper scarf on it too.

10. DIY Christmas Ornament From Craft Stick

Source: rock-cafe.info

Make this vintage sledges with a craft stick, faux greenery, jingle bells, paint, foam brush, glue and a hot glue gun. Use a paintbrush to stain the craft sticks. Then attach them with glue, when the glue is dry you can attach the faux greenery. The last, hang it on the tree.

You may have any plans to make your own DIY Christmas and from this article, you can follow some suggestion that help you to get the cheaper decor. Try it at home and improve by your way.



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