10 Of Best Mason Jar Christmas Easy To Make

It’s time to make Christmas decoration. Every year people get ready to get new Christmas decoration for their home. Some of them prefer to buy at the store and the others prefer to make by themselves. Imagine that your home will more attractive by your hand touch from your handmade decor.

One of best choice to make your Christmas more fun is by applying mason jar in every corner of your home. Even you can create a gift for the loved one from the mason jar. There are many options you can take to make such incredible decor from a mason jar. If you don’t have any idea, don’t worry, we’ve gathered some ideas for you!

1. Candy Filled Mason Jar

Source: decomg.com

Do you like candy so much? Fill your mason jar with your favourite dessert on your Christmas. It’s Christmastime, it means many kids will play around and surely they like candy so much.

2. Snow Globe Mason Jar

Source: tytrukodelie.ru

Let snow with this such pretty snow globe mason jar. This snow globe is easy and affordable to make. You don’t need to worry, you can get the elements from cotton balls, a small hat, and flannel Try at home now!

3. Light Penguin Mason Jar

Source: aprettylifeinthesuburbs.com

Lighten up your Christmas eve with lighting. You can install many kinds of lighting. If you want makes something different in your Christmas, take this idea. By using mason jar you can lighten up your Christmas eve. Just put a little tree and penguin in the jar then install the bulb.

4. Reindeer Mason Jar

Source: pinterest.ru

It’s not complete if there is no reindeer on your Christmas. So, t’s time for you to make this cutie reindeer mason jar. To invite children in this special day fill your jar with cookies, candy or another dessert they will like.

5. Crafty Mason Jar

Source: oldsaltfarm.com

Do your best to beautify your home. Only with this small jar, you can impress your guests. This jar fell freeze and chic too. Put greenery and rope to make them prettier.

6. Gift Mason Jar

Source: thedailymeal.com

Gift changing is always interesting. Cookies, chocolate, or accessories you can put in the jar. This is a very good idea to give your family, friends or teacher on this Christmas.

7. Candle Mason Jar

Source: wrongfuldeathuss.info

Another way to put the candle is by using a mason jar. Floating candle in the jar is very intriguing, especially in Christmas. Adore them with fresh plants and ribbon or fabric if you like.

8. Cookies Filled Mason Jar

Source: pinterest.ru

As we know, every Christmas and holiday we should make this delicious dessert for our kids, family, friends and neighbour. Not only the taste we should concern the container that will be used. Mason jar can be a good idea you may take. It will keep the cookies well.

9. Led Mason Jar Lawn Decoration

Source: eastbrookvillagegreen.com

Decorate you mason jar in Lawn style. It’s simple yet very attractive. You may choose in any different size of the mason jar. Then don’t forget to add hemp rope on to make it more eye-catching.

10. Greenery Season For Mason Jar

Source: etsy.com

The last but not least, freshen up your home with some plants. There are many options to install plants. If you like to move your plants, you prefer to use mason jar. It’s moveable and you can easily decorate it based on your demand.

That’s all about Christmas decoration using mason jar. It’s time for you to make at home. If you have another ides, you can share with us. Good luck!



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