10 Simple Fiesta Christmas Tree Recipe

It’s time to cooking, baking, and roasting make for the Christmas brunch. Any kinds of recipes you can make. If you have a plan to work together with your kids you can invite them to cook some delicious brunch. In this article we’ll share some simple fiesta Christmas tree. Surely, you can make it with your kiddos at home. So, let’s take a peek!

1. Fruity Brunch

Source: happyhealthymama.com

It’s healthy. It’s delicious. This brunch is made special for you who don’t want to take some meal that easy to make you full. It includes kiwi, grapes and starfruit. You can cut them and your kid will spread into the bread. Don’t forget to give creamy cream first.

2. Buttons Christmas Tree

Source: pinterest.com

Your kids will be very happy to make these nice cookies. All you need is flavour, sugar and chocolate buttons. You also need tree cake mould, put the dough in the mould then press the chocolate button softly.

3. Popcorn Christmas Tree

Source: cheaprecipeblog.com

This idea comes up when I went to the cinema. Making a delicious meal from popcorn. Because it’s still Christmastime, make a tree from sweet popcorn. To make this brunch menu, you need popcorn in green colour. Set them into a tree then add chocholate button as the ornaments.

4. Christmas Tree√ā¬†Gingerbread

Source: munchkinmunchies.com

Sweet, pretty and soft. This gingerbread is special for you who very like sweet. Make them in any style you like. For the taste, we usually make it in lime taste. But, if you like another taste you can have it.

5. Tree in Slice of Cake

Source: momlovesbaking.com

Find a Christmas tree in the inside of your cake. When you slice your sprinkle cake you’ll find a tree in it. It’s really fun to make this cake. With a delicious taste covered by cutie, sprinkle will invite your kids in your brunch.

6. Rice Krispie Christmas Tree

Source: hu.pinterest.com

You need Vegan White Chocolate, Rice Krispies, and green oil-based or powdered food colouring. This Christmas from rice Krispie only needs an hour to be the refrigerator. You can decorate however you like because it’s your crafty project.

7. Brunch With This Sweet Meal

Source: jihanshanum.com

Make this sweet meal will be fun because all kids will like it. Spread sprinkle on it, give green colour by using food colouring. You need to remember to not baked-over this cake.

8. Christmas Tree Spinach

Source: recipepes.com

Don’t let your holiday without this Christmas spinach tree. Ingredients: block cream cheese, frozen spinach, freshly grated Parmesan, sour cream and cloves garlic. This is the Christmas masterpiece you can make at home.

9. Christmas Cookies

Source: mykinglist.appspot.com

These cookies is easy and simple to make. Your kids can make it with your guidance. you can make a different shape with mould. Press sprinkles onto the cookies.

10. Sushi Christmas Tree

Source: ridingmode.com

Do you like sushi? You can also make this traditional Japanese for your brunch. As you know this meal maybe will ease you to feel full, but you can make them in a little.

Christmas is a time we must all be enjoying together, making memories and having fun. So, on this special day you should make something delicious. Whether for your family, friends or neighbour, you can spread your happiness with this delicious food.



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