10 TOP DIY Christmas Ornaments From A Mason Jar Lid

What should you do if you have tons of mason jar lids? Let’s explore your creativity and make plenty of wonderful Christmas ornaments from the mason jar lid. You can DIY. If you don’t have any idea what kind of Christmas ornament by using mason jar lid, we’ve already gathered some concepts for you!

1. Reindeer Lid Ornament

Source: weddingchicks.com

Reuse mason jar lid to make any kind of Christmas tree ornaments. Cover the lid with stripes fabric and draw reindeer on it. You could also add greenery, faux red berries and adorn it with hemp rope to get vintage feel.

2. Peace On Earth

Source: jedicraftgirl.com

Supplies: Mason jar lid, ribbon, fabric and paint. Cover the lid with the fabric, draw a tree sing paintbrush then add ‘peace on earth’ message on it. Hang it on the tree by using the ribbon.

3. Rope Mason Jar Lid Ornaments

Source: grannysquare.org

You only need rope to make these attractive Christmas ornament. Stain the rope in your favourite colour, add bells, faux light ornament, ribbon on it then you can hang them on the tree.

4. Wreath Mason Jar Lid

Source: pinterest.ru

Another way to make your courtyard is by installing wreath made from a mason jar lid. Add faux diamond on the lid then meet them on the wreath. You may use any various size of the lid.

5. Hemp Rope Lid Ornament

Source: id.pinterest.com

Feel free to hang this ornament on the space you like. Using hemp rope as the base element, any greenery, faux red berries, pine cone and a snowflake on the lid. Put them in the inside side of the lid.

6. Chalk Art Lid Jar

Source: thebudgetmom.com

The chic Christmas ornament from a mason jar lid. If you want to try something new, you could try this design. Use chalk art to adorn the lid, besides you could draw a name on it. Then, hang it on the tree using the rope.

7. Star Christmas Ornament

Source: br.pinterest.com

Cover the edge of the lid using hemp rope. Remember to cover it neatly. After that, cover with ribbon too. Put a star ornament in the centre of the lid then hang it on the tree.

8. Painted Wreath Mason Jar Lid

Source: pinterest.com

You need many mason jar lid to make this wreath, paint colour in three other colours (blue, white and red). First, stain the lid with paintbrush, once it is dry, put in the rope to make the wreath.

9. Make Simple Ornament

Source: erinspain.com

Only use any design of paper to create this ornament. Put inside the lid and use hemp rope to hang it on. You can choose any pattern you like.

10. Burlap and Lid Wreath

Source: pinterest.de

Mixing the burlap and the lovely blue mason jar. It’s always incredible looking at this perfect combination. Blue and brown work very well. The colours are very amazing.

Whether you like a little ornament or the big one, you can make it with this mason jar lid. You can follow those ideas and make yours more beautiful by improving the appearance based on your taste.



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