10 DIY Christmas Tree Shelf You Must Have

These DIY Christmas tree shelf can be the best choices for your home decor. Whether you want to install them only in this Christmas or even after the holiday is over. You can DIY these tree shelf at home and make them based on your style. Let’s take a peek!

1. Make A Simple Shelf

Source: pinterest.com

This simple shelf consists of four linings in different length. They are made from a wooden board. Store them on the wall then put your collection or Christmas gift in this shelf. To get a real Christmas tree put the wooden star on the top.

2. Blue Tree Shelf

Source: pinterest.com.mx

If you want to show your kid’s toys, you may have this shelf. With a blue colour that brings joy in your room. Then put a hanger in the bottom to hanger some stocking.

3. Middle Grey Tree Shelf

Source: seattlehelpers.org

Opting grey colour for your shelf will give an elegant appearance. Put your puppet, letter decoration and add string light on it. It’ll look modern and chic.

4. Pipes Tree Shelf

Source: marthastewart.com

This affordable and crafty shelf made from pipes. Mix the size of the pipe to make this shelf. Install the big pipe as the stem then attach the others. You can put ornaments in this shelf and it can be a Christmas tree too.

5. Wooden Christmas Shelf

Source: etsy.com

How about inviting this shelf into your home? When Christmas is coming you can use it as the tree, then if Christmas is over you can use it as a shelf. Thus, it can do double-desk.

6. Ladder Tree Shelf

Source: mdbowers.blogspot.com

Turn your ladder into the shelf. This ladder is multifunction, you can put planters, Christmas ornament, books, or other stuff. It looks like a Christmas tree when you give a star ornament on the top and string light.

7. Farmhouse Tree Shelf

Source: organizedclutter.net

This shelf is very unique. It brings a farmhouse style. Stain the shelf in green colour. Place in your living room and put some farmhouse stuff on it. Add planter beside the shelf to get natural touch.

8. Stripes Tree Shelf

Source: homyfeed.com

This pretty shelf consists of three linings. Install it o the table to put some dishware. It’s fancy and adorable for the decoration of your home. Besides, the design is also appealing.

9. Minimalist Tree Shelf

Source: revistalove.es

If you like to opt for minimalist decoration for your home, this shelf can be your choices. It’s designed in minimalist style and you’ll very enjoy with this shelf where you can put any Christmas accessories in this shelf.

10. Monochrome Shelf

Source: yandex.com

You won’t regret to opt this monochrome shelf. You can install it even in the small space. Add an advent calendar in this shelf, miniature trees decoration, ball ornament in monochrome colour as well, so they make a great unity.

Have you decided which shelf you will opt? Hoping these ideas could help you to make a tree shelf!



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