10 Paper Christmas Light Garlands Will Beautify Your Home

Inviting your kids to make some Christmas craft sometime is hard. Make some Christmas craft or ornament that easy to make by your kids. Tons of craft you can make, but how about making Christmas light garlands from paper? Working together with kids and let them explore their creativity. For more detailed information, you can take a pick of these photos!

1. The Simple Light Garland

Source: pinterest.ch

Using colourful paper to make this light garland. First, make the form, then cut in the same size. After that hang on the rope with sticky tape.

2. Nursery Room

Source: damasklove.com

Not only for Christmas, light garlands can be applied in your baby’s crib. Make them in such a cutie light garland. Choose the bright colour because they will bring happiness.

3. Wrap The Gift

Source: pinterest.ru

If you have prepared presents for the loved one. This is a very amazing idea, wrap the gift with this paper light garlands. Choose the soft and earthy colour.

4. String Paper Light Garland

Source: diyselfy.blogspot.com

Make some dice from the paper in any different colours or even pattern. To hang it on you can use hemp rope then add string lights. Place it any room you like.

5. Invitation

Source: saltycanary.com

Making invitations for your birthday, wedding or pyjamas party. Put it on the envelope and write down the name you invite, date, and time.

6. Light

Source: thehousethatlarsbuilt.com

This one can be made only in a minute. Just cut the paper then fold them and make like the real light. You can make into different colours and size if you like.

7. Origami Paper Light Garland

Source: home.spartandecor.com

Origami is useful indeed. You can make many craft from it. To make a light garland by using origami will always interesting. Your kids will cut the form, then arrange them into light form. You just give them an example at the very first time then let them go.

8. Handwriting Touch

Source: pagingsupermom.com

Create your light garlands like the real. Write down line on it by using pencil colour or brush pen. You can create your family member’s name on it too. Feel free to decorate your home with this pretty light garlands.

9. Lantern Light Garland

Source: pinterest.cl

Blue, yellow, pink, purple and green. These colours are marvellous enough to attract the room. Make it using origami or another kind of paper that easy to fold. Form them into dice then install the string light. It’ll lighten up your room.

10. Cube Light Garland

Source: pixiview.com

Try to make something new. Use any kind of pattern of wrap paper-like star, triangle, stripe, flower and abstract. Cut them in a square form then fold them until making a cube. After that cover the bulb with it.

Have you decided on your choice? Take the best one and try them with your kids at home! I hope it will help you.



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